10 Principles + Us


Project Name: 10 Principles + Us

Artist Name: Bri Roxas

Description of Project

I am asking people to complete worksheet giving an example of how they plan on living  each of the 10 principles at the burn. The sheet will also provide a please to draw art that they feel expresses the principles. Participants will be gifted awesome swag for completing the sheets.At the end of the burn I will compile all the answers into a book which will be donated to education. I will compile the answers propose to education that we have voting on what the best answers are at greeting next year and then after voting making the final results into a permanent art structure  that I can gift to the burn.


Community Involvement

Educates people about the 10 principles and provides raw information to donate to education.


Requested Minimum:  $195.69

Requested Maximum: $391.44





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