2017 Registered Theme Camps

Here are the theme camps for Alchemy 2017!  (Placement map here.)

3 Old Men

Location: South Strip

The focus is a 4-path labyrinth of fabric and tent stakes, an octagon 40 feet in diameter with a 10 foot ritual space around it. Based on a 15th-century design, it has four outer entrances and four entrances to the center. Therefore participants are able to choose their exit as well as their entrance.

The labyrinth is open for exploration/meditation 24/7, but several times a day the 3 Old Men perform their ritual: they strip, apply white kaolin to their bodies, and walk the labyrinth themselves to their appointed space. There they don their ritual skirts and take up their staves.

The 3 Old Men—the officiants—then stand at three of the four entrances of the labyrinth. Each officiant offers a different gesture/agon to an exiting Burner (who need not accept it):

  • bless the participant
  • ask to be blessed by the participant
  • offer to struggle with the participant

At the fourth entrance there is no agon, i.e., no blessing and no struggle.

In the center is a temple bell and an altar, upon which Burners may leave or take items that are meaningful to them.

We leave the meaning of this experience open for each participant. We welcome the participation of drummers and other musicians in support of the participants’ journeys. We also provide a space for contemplation and discussion before and after participation.

3rd Aid

Location: South Strip

Welcome to Third Aid - Unfuck your Burn!

We run several massage tables for any action hippies in need of repair throughout the event but our availability may vary depending on human factors [this shit's hard work]. One way or another feel free to pull up a chair!


Location: North Strip

We, a community of wizards, witches, creators, artists, scientists, healers, prophets, jokers and many more poise ourselves to set the Burn culture aflame! Music! Lights! Pyramids! Fire! Space Ship! Dancing! Thursday 80s Prom Night! Magic! Humans! Art! Cuddles! Science! Sunday Bloody Mary Bar! And more! Join us!

Æsir Draught Brewhouse

Location: North Center

Æsir Draught aims to elevate the spirit through the divine drink of the gods. Our love can only be expressed through fermented honey, and we have lots of love to share. Games and demonstrations to be loudly announced later. Bar hours vary.

Ask A Kid

Location: South Temple

You've got problems? Our kids have answers. Come by and get advice from our team of professionally licensed, board certified kid advisers. Family-friendly topics only.


Location: North Temple

Camp for baller bitches! Come see us if you're not feeling baller and we'll hook you up with some bling or topless tacos. We will also have a baller cuddle puddle for all the bitches to chill in.

Barnyard Business

Location: South Temple

Alchemy's first barn yard! Onesies, Daisy Dukes, Straw Hats, a makeshift Barn, and maybe even the occasional Bloody Mary? We may not have a fence or a vegetable garden, but we're a barnyard of burners looking to plant some roots at Alchemy for a few new burgins. The rest of us veteran burners decided to build the Moo Mobile; a mutant vehicle resembling a cow, driving around the burn handing out all kinds of goodies from White Russians, to Milk and Cereal, to Cow Tails. Throughout the burn, we will be setting up meetings to discuss our nonsensical Barnyard Business. Sales are up, expenses are down, so, ""Moo Mooove hoss, get out the way!""

The Baroquen Drum

Location: North Central

The Broken Drum is back and more baroque than ever before!! Discworld's favorite bar is coming once again to Alchemy, with an extra helping of decadence, flamboyancy, and drama, dahling. Stop by for a pint, a song, a dance, a sit, and wear your highest hair and fanciest pants to class up the joint.

The Black Lodge

Location: North Central

The Black Lodge will return to Alchemy 2017 with Dr. Jacoby's Tiki Bar and Lounge! Check by the camp for scheduled serving times.

We also feature War Stories, a military themed space giving veterans an outlet to express their creative side while sharing stories, music, and drinks in an accepting environment.

Blue Lagoon Labs

Location: South Temple

Tropical paradise with quality beverages!

The Brownie Brothel

Location: North Temple

"Fuck your waistline," call the denizens of the Brownie Brothel, purveyors of the most titillating gourmet baked goods this side of Default Camp! Come by our boulangerie of iniquity to hang out and consume too many calories! Regardless of your dietary restrictions, we've got you covered. And if ya wanna, let your friendly neighborhood cookie pimps teach you a little brownie-based lesson about how sexy consent can be. Come by for dessert any time. We'll leave the red light on for you. ;-)

Cafe Burns

Location: North Strip

Cafe Burns provides Water Infusions for the thirsty and at times food for the hungry

Calamity & Co

Location: South Temple

Come visit our gifting table, curated by your friendly local star beings! We’ve condensed our cosmic love for you into hand-crafted gifts, and letters from the universe. Please visit more than once, as we will be offering ever-changing arrangements of our time-made-solid trinkets of affection.

Camp Against Humanity

Location: South Strip

The camp for Horrible People.

Camp Between The Lines

Location: North Strip

Do you see the fnords yet? Lookfnordbetweenfnordthefnordlines. As a part of Discordia Village, we'll be projection-mapping all night, fnord every night with plenty of fnord subliminal content to casually align your frequencies to a chill fnord vibration. Hail Eris! Or Don't!

Camp Bliss

Location: North Effigy

We are a group of NC burners that just wanna have fun. This community has changed us all for the better and we wanna give back and show others a good time.

Camp Called By The Fire

Location: South Effigy

Camp all things heavy metal. We summon you to our circle of fire as we celebrate the heavy, dark, lore-riddled side of music. Flame effects, music, and a fire circle await you in our realm.

Camp Cherry Bomb

Location: North Effigy

Camp Cherry Bomb is home to two dynamic redheaded women attorneys! We'll have good food, good company, and everything cherry!

Camp Hydration Bouncification

Location: South Central

Moisture is the essence of wetness. Wetness is the essence of beauty. Come be beautiful and bounce with us! Welcome to Camp Hydration Bouncification - an oasis in an desert full of burners. Hydrate with our H20 or step to the side where our spirits flow. Drink for your health or drink to get down either way we’ve got you in bouncy town!

Camp Juicy Teddies

Location: South Temple

This will be a camp for fun and games. There will be a drunken gummy bear party Friday night. There will be scheduled times for drunken gummy bear samples, candy shots, and other fun stuff. We will have a Trippy Hippie chill out tent for those needing a rest from the excitement (non sexual activities only). Cards Against Humanity, sick and twisted charades and much, much more!

Camp Just People

Location: North Central

I know you all remember that day, the day that you were sitting at the bar with your buddies and the inevitable, unavoidable statement gets made. “We should buy a BAR!”: you may have laughed it off, but it permeated you, snuck into your psyche.

The next time, months or even years later when some moron pipes up “We should buy a Bar.” This time you actually discuss it in the abstract and it becomes part of your group's consciousness.

I can tell you the place but not the time for our groups special moment, We ended up assigning jobs to the various member based on skill set and interests. We discussed drinks and favorite bar staff of past and present, what would be on the menu and how we would boot assholes from OUR bar........

Well friends let me tell you what, We never bought the bar. Instead we travel to far flung places such as the moon, Mysteria, and (Alchemy City Name). So come by and see Jon gladhanding all the guests, DJ Bill spinning some sick beats, Jason ultimately innocently hitting on your girl, Christine yelling at me for phrases like “your girl,” Anna with her Art work classing up the joint, Kirsten spinning fire or sitting there mad that she broke herself and can't spin fire,Shoot we even have our own stand up comedienne, and Me doing my “Cheers” Homage at Camp Just People.

Camp New Hot Dogs Pt. 5

Location: South Temple

Camp New Hot Dogs !

Come to the weenie lounge for some hot dogs and consensual laughter.

We are a day time interactive camp. You are welcome to come up. You'll probably get a hug. Just don't come snooping around when the lights are off. We got ray guns and s***.

And the vicious tiny twins will be sleeping.

Camp Next to Me featuring My Wife's Rack

Location: South Temple

Come check out My Wife’s Rack and play dress up with the costumes and Burner clothing we bring to gift—donations of burner-friendly clothes welcome! Get glammed with body and face painting, tattoos or just come check out how fabulous you look at our mirror and makeup station. Stop by to be one of the 100 burners surveyed for Burner Family Feud (game show Saturday afternoon at Where?House).

Camp PHC

Location: South Central




1. Personal Space. 2. Camp PHC is a close-knit group of burners who originated in the glorious Party Hard Corps, a guerrilla group of militant revelers fighting against the tyranny of boredom and sobriety. Camp PHC continues in that anarchic spirit and pledges to fight the good fight! We are a part-time sound camp and you may recognize us by our loud shenanigans, stationary Tank art car, drinking games and The Drunk with Power Hour featuring awful whiskey, heavy use of camo, and the eventual return of the Party Hard Cart. 3. Stay Outta My Personal Space.

Camp Pretty Lights

Location: North Temple

An interplay of pretty lights to entice the mind and entrance the spirit...

Camp Scope Creep (Brought to you by Castle WillPower)

Location: South Temple

The Royal Denizens of Castle Willpower do humbly invite their esteemed neighbors to partake of fanfare & frippery — whether it be sharing a goblet, sharing in some musical or theatrical merriment — on or off — Ye Olde Stage (now with improved magical crystal power source & lights....!), or challenging the gauntlet at the famous Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Maze (LASER MAZE) - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! Come take a gander at the things we overplan and try to build at the last minute... we look forward to sharing in the shenanigans with thee!

Camp Where The Wild Things Are

Location: North Central

Even the wildest things need to relax once in a while. Come enjoy our wind tunnel during the hot day, then come back for our trippy lights at night! We also have a swimming pool filled with stuffed animals!


Location: North Temple

We're back again to show you the ways of the mythical Kendama. Come by and get stuck playing extreme ball in a cup. Hone your skills and up your flow!

Circus Combustus

Location: South Strip

Circus Combustus is a group of Atlanta artists and Burning Man regulars who create a large-scale fire carnival area with nightly fire circus shows for everyone to enjoy.

Cuddle Camp

Location: North Strip

We are a cuddly lovey group of wonderful people, stop by for great energy and yoga! We will be having yoga sessions periodically through the burn.

Darkest Deep

Location: South Effigy

Darkest Deep is an underwater realm of pirates and mermaids and other unusual denizens of the salty deep. Come cuddle in our sunken Cuddle Boat, have a Bloody Mary with us on Saturday, or just wade around and float.

Death Car Base and DAD

Location: North Central

Metal morning, evening and until we pass out. Come and rock out with us, make request and catch a ride on DeathCar as it stops in. This year there will be DAD taking charge at home camp with an amazing bar and some awesome metal.

Detoured Souls

Location: South Central

We smoke meat, and play beats with lots of flames and visual treats.

Do It Less Shitty

Location: South Strip

Ratchet central.


Location: North Temple

Bohemian themed bus and aerial dome

Elevation Station

Location: North Temple

Step right up to the Elevation Station, we aim to bring the good vibes by elevating you through daytime workshops, Yoga and wellness seminars and nightly raising vibrations through high energy dance music, performers, fire, sound, lighting, decor and art. Enjoy the Higher Grounds Coffee Bar for some coffee or positivi-tea. Express yourself on the infinity stripper pole, or get down right on the dance floor! Get Lifted as we boost you through your journey of enhancing your mind, body, and soul while dancing, meeting new friends, learning new concepts, playing games, and Elevating your overall personal awareness through positive creativity. Once you get off at your stop you will feel that you have reached a higher platform of consciousness and will be ready to spread your new-found wonder with the world.

Euphoria Gardens (A Gated Community)

Location: North Strip

A peaceful enclave for the discerning burner, Euphoria Gardens offers the latest and most sought after amenities for its residents. Open to the proletariat...er...plebe...we mean public (that's the one!) for select events, such as...

Join us for a surreal gala experience on Friday night as we welcome the Orionid Meteor Shower with drinks, nibbles, and our sparkliest of sparkles on the occasion of its 2017 peak!

Fire Triangle

Location: North Strip

We are a fire spinning camp out of the triangle area of North Carolina. We will be teaming up this year to bring back Big Trouble in Little Alchemy. Come shake your booty to our bumping beats, enjoy a drink from our fire bar and tea house, spin your props, fly on our aerial rig, relax in our lounge, and sample some taste altering berries. Come make some trouble with us!

Firefly Base Camp

Location: North Central

The home of the little steamship Firefly — please come visit for a little shade, a little conversation and a little treat from Japan!

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Location: South Temple

Come be touched by His noodley appendages

Fop Camp

Location: North Temple

18th Century Foppery at its Finest

Friendly Neighborhood Queers

Location: South Strip

F.N. Queers is a place to come and be yourself! We have a lovely living room in the shade with tapestries and rugs. Come hang out and make friends with us! We don't bite...unless you ask :)

Fucking Awesome

Location: South Temple

A camp promoting sex-positive themes and healthy sexuality.

Funaholics Unanimous

Location: North Strip

We are a camp out of the Charlotte area of North Carolina. We are teaming up this year to bring back Big Trouble in Little Alchemy. Come shake your booty to our bumping beats, enjoy a drink from our fire bar and tea house, spin your props, fly on our aerial rig, relax in our lounge, and sample some taste altering berries. Come make some trouble with us!

Furries with attitude

Location: North Strip

Furry's in the wild

Furry Animal Patrol

Location: North Strip

Your friendly neighborhood animal folk. We solemnly swear we are up to no good.

Furry Old Farts

Location: North Strip

Furries who camp in style

Gothadellic Cat Butthole

Location: South Strip

Straddling the divide between riveted combat boots and blinky rainbow kitty ears, an assemblage of companions refuses to choose, and camps together in perfect oontz and harmony.

The Greasy Spoon

Location: North Temple

We're a good camp serving up hot meals on whatever schedule we damn well please. All food and beverages served by The Greasy Spoon will be Ranger Safe.

Hands Land

Location: North Temple

Hands Land is a Deaf-centric, voice-off space where sign language, body language, gesturing, writing, drawing, and other non-sound related communication tools will be used by everyone. The goal is to ensure that the space is fully accessible to and inclusive of signing Deaf people. Here you can learn basic sign language, learn about hearing privilege, oppression, and Deaf culture, and enjoy resistance art exhibition.

Heathen Life

Location: North Central



noun; derogatory

an unenlightened person; a person regarded as lacking culture or moral principles.

synonyms: philistine, boor, oaf, ignoramus, lout, yahoo, vulgarian, plebeian


Location: South Temple

Four hand sensual massage and chill space


Location: North Central

noticeably fake and obviously contrived


Location: South Temple

Homeskool is a camp dedicated to educating virgin burners on the 10 principles of Burning Man. We will be serving breakfast Friday and Saturday morning and hosting a tye-dye art party Sunday.

The IllumiKnotty

Location: North Effigy

Viking based camp

The Infamous Gypsies

Location: South Strip

All are welcome at the Gypsy Camp: We offer a very cool chill space, Chai Tea and Hookah lounge in a comfortable gypsy-style environment. In addition, we bring Gypsy Fire, dancing, costume and Libertine shenanigans, fortune telling, random misfortune readings, games and more. Come run away with the Gypsies

Inner Alchemy

Location: South Temple

Come by Inner Alchemy for a seven minute experience called Rebooting into Safe Mode. When we get out of or normal peaceful Alchemy mindset, the energy bubble we walk around in has gotten full of stuff. Stop by, grab a seat in the waiting area and in a few minutes an Energy Alchemist will help reboot your energetic body through grounding, chakra balancing and energy clearing. When you open your eyes you will find you are happy, calm and ready to get back out there for more wonderful Alchemy fun. This is a process you can experience, learn and share. It is offered throughout the weekend from Friday till Sunday morning.

Introvert Recharging Station

Location: South Temple

Drop off your Introverts here! A place to chill and not feel the need to interact with people. Or do interact with people. Whatever you feel like.

iOpener Lounge

Location: South Temple

The iOpener Lounge is a chillaxin' relaxin' space complete with downtempo tunes, comfy and loungey seating, and a silky smooth ambiance. We're aiming to create a space that facilitates good conversation, the fostering of old friendships, and the building of new ones all to a backdrop of quality groovy music and dancing lights. We'll also be serving extra delicious tea and hookahs at approximately burner-o'clock! Come and chill with us!

It's All One Circle

Location: North Central

It’s All One Circle Camp is taking it back to chill this year. Come and hang out under our Big Ass Canopy and explore our Space Monkey Dome. We encourage fire and flow arts of all forms so come show us what you got!

Land of Tear-able Dads

Location: North Strip

An oasis of calm music, twinkling lights, and chill space for the weary passing hippie.

Little bus

Location: South Temple

Little school bus that serves grilled cheeses

Margaritaville: D20

Location: South Temple

Inebriated Adventuring (Don't Die with the Die)

Amusing Games (And Bad Puns)

Good People (Well... Mostly Not Terrible)

Adequate Alcohol (Fancy or Bucket)

Martian Playground

Location: North Temple

A quiet place to chill. Cuddle and nap in NapOppolis. Visit our Cuddle Abalone and make some new friends or BYO. Dual Psychedelic ElectricSheep style videos play in the big tent at night to mesmerize your awakened eyes. Fire and Flow arts at random times too.

Memento Serenous

Location: North Temple

A burn is a peak of Eristic Energies as we are swept up in the delightfully energetic cavalcade of art, with rare moments of self-preservation and calmness at the temple. But what if we could collectively generate a sound or collection of sounds that center us in the non-silence? SINGING BOWLS. SO MANY SINGING BOWLS. We want to do an installation entirely focused on the clarity and crispness of a sound delightful. We do not know where this sound may take us, but it can serve as a centering call to rally our spirits as we grow weary with exertion in the expanding exploration of a burn unknown.

Morning Is Broken

Location: South Strip

Morning sucks. Coffee makes it suck less. Coffee available for the masses in the mornings!


Location: South Central

Crunching gravel, settling dust. Warm black coffee, thicc biscuit crust; all buttered up with bluegrass jams and kept toasty in softly glowing fur. Mobile flag forays bring in the new, steel crystals energize the old. We're not really a themed camp. We'll be out exploring the burn's art with roving art carts and our bluegrass band. If we happen to be home, we may be jamming and we'd love for you to jump in. We're THICC, and we want all of Alchemy to be THICC too.


Location: South Temple

god damn gorgeous mysterious shit; thank you

On Comm

Location: South Central

A bedroom camp for grumpy, jaded leadership. Get off our lawn!

Pizza Palace

Location: North Central

Our vision is simple: provide coal fired flat bread pizza to the masses.

We started offering these glorious coal fired slices of art at To the Moon, a Tennessee burn. We had roughly 40 flatbreads available, with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, garlic, pineapple, arugula, balsamic glaze, fresh mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce as available toppings so we could serve everyone from meat lovers to vegetarians.

Platypus Technology Group

Location: North Temple

We are the PTC, an intergalactic art collective creating support for the Space Otter Army and their battles against the Mundane Empire and their campaign to press everyone in the universe into the same mold.


Location: South Temple


Porcine Aviation

Location: North Effigy

The Time Is NOW! Porcine Aviation brings the games and other such funnery.

Queer Goings-On

Location: South Temple

We're an LGBTQ/friendly camp. You may see the occasional naked person or five. We don't bite without consent, so come on over and say hi!


Location: South Strip

Home of the Officially Underfunded and Overworked Weather Team, we are a 100% solar powered camp that offers charging for your small devices (camera, poi, e-cigs...).

Our bright beacons (chandeliers) hang high in the trees to help lost hippies not be quite as lost.

Ra! is a welcoming group of friends, volunteers and burn leaders past and present.

Come play with interactive art and chill.

Brian will have the Letters from Home mailboxes with postcards, come send one to a special someone, or your ""future self"".


Radio Free Alchemy

Location: South Central

Radio Free Alchemy here! We're here to supply you a variety of Tunes throughout the day and night over the air waves at 107.7 on your FM dial! We play a bunch of random music from many genres through the ages during the day, as well as announcements, weather reports and all the things you'd expect from your local burner radio station! And please come hang out with us with the big military tent...it's next to that big radio tower...Ya can't miss it!

Rok and Squiggle's Intergalactic Space Port and Beauty Emporium

Location: North Strip

We serve Validation, Beautification, Lounging and Soup on Burn night.

Rubáiyát Stage

Location: North Strip

The Rubáiyát Stage is Alchemy's premier live music venue, located in Discordia village. We have a stage, lights, musical equipment and even our very own sound guy! Our lineup includes burner bands from the Atlanta/Athens music scene. Stop by for a live venue experience or one of our many impromptu jam sessions.


Location: South Temple

1001 Adventures are begun in Scheherazade's Lounge - hookah, food, story, song, dance, crafts, massage and whatever else we want to do!


Location: South Central

Shameless is a LBGTQWERTY friendly camp and we are truly without shame. There isn’t much that someone from our camp will not do for your entertainment! Shameless is a Sex-Positive, love-filled theme camp …. Plus we drink a LOT.

Sleepy Fox Tea House

Location: North Temple

A relaxation camp; come warm your bones, rehydrate and caffeinate.

SouthTown Compound

Location: North Central

SouthTown Compound is a hospitality camp. We aim to make people feel welcome.

During the day we provide a friendly hangout space. We will be playing an eclectic mix of daytime music, with a heavy emphasis on guilty pleasure songs.

After dark we will have a projection mapped DJ booth playing various styles of electronic dance music, and an inevitable flow jam to go with it.

We will be presenting: blacklight badminton, a large fire trough and the spaceship DJ booth with projection mapping

The Strangelove Initiative

Location: North Temple

Love, Art, & Good Vibes- Come to Our Art Station!

The Tasty Pasty

Location: North Effigy

We might be calm and lazily keep to ourselves. But its also possible that we'll get so fucking weird that burners from all corners of the globe will hear about our ridiculous antics and make Alchemy known as the all new title holder of The ButtStuff Burn! Which would REALLY make some people over at Transformus super happy...

Come on by to hang out, get some delicious food applied to your nipples, gawk at the weirdness, or even better, showcase YOUR weirdness for US and all our guests to gawk at

A Tea House At The Edge Of The World

Location: South Temple

Your Tea Master brings you full loose leaf teas served with a meditative smile day and night. Join us for inspired conversation and a relaxing spot of Tea anytime or drop by for Beginner's Tai Chi lessons, Tea Brew ""How To"" and Your Tea Questions Answered every morning and afternoon.

Come enjoy the magic of a fresh cup of tea within your hands! Hot or iced- more than fresh brew shall fill your cup! For you will find much here; lost and storied knowledge, fine herbs, treasures, jewels and fabulous adornments gathered as we traveled upon ancient tea roads through mystical and enchanted lands all await you!

Tentacle Brothers Food Cart Fun Park

Location: North Strip

Tentacle Brothers Food Cart Fun Park is the home of the Tentacle Brothers Ramen Cart, Tentacle Brothers Bubble Tea Cart (Alchemy 2015 and 2016 Art Projects). Although we will not be serving ramen or bubble tea this year, we're bringing out some new tasty bites from other cultures in South East Asia. Also new for 2017 will be a brand new tea room!

The Third Floor Society

Location: North Strip

Sound, Video, Socializing, and Flags. Come talk about flags, learn about flags, listen to flag-related music. Also flags and flags. Flag map! Flag scoreboard! More flags than you can shake a flagpole at!

Tír na nÓg

Location: South Strip

An escape for the the noise and hype, relax in a fairytale space in the trees

Trance Camp

Location: North Effigy

Trance Camp is a collective of trance DJ’s, producers, event organizers and most important of all, friends! We welcome any and all to enjoy trance as we do and let the music unite our souls. So come on over sit back, relax and listen, or dance your tail off on the dancefloor!

Traveling Tinker Camp

Location: South Temple

I bring my Tinker Trailer and pack it with hand tools, drills, saws, nuts & bolts, rope, cord, zip ties, batteries, inverters, soldering irons, tarps, and other doodads that have turned out to be useful over the years. If I'm in camp, I'm usually available to assist! If I go out and about, I leave a whiteboard near the trailer along with a map of the various Alchemy neighborhoods. Just look for the "Tinker Is IN/OUT/SLEEPING" tag and know at a glance if I'm within earshot (or tucked away inside with earplugs in trying to catch a few winks)! If I'm OUT/SLEEPING, leave a note on the whiteboard to tell me what you need and where (what camp/neighborhood), and on my next pass, I'll try to stop by and help. I can be found out of camp on my bike, so if you need me and see me, feel free to flag me down - I may have what you need on my person. *NOTE: New Trailer for 2017!* I'll be in a pop-up A-frame with an EZ-Up with my usual "Tinker Til It Works" sign.

Twig & Berries

Location: North Strip

We are Camp Twig and Berries! We specialize in palate fascination and delight! We will be bringing the unique practice of ""flavor flipping"", using the Miraculin Berries to Alchemy 2017! This experience includes the consumption of all-natural, non-narcotic ""Miracle Berries"". These berries are produced by the plant Synsepalum dulcificum, and contain the protein miraculin, which causes the tongue to decipher flavor in a radically new way. Sour and tart transform into sweet, succulent and delicious. After the berries roll over your tongue for a brief maturation period, victi... ahem -cough- participants will experience the natural phenomenon that captivates and charms the pickiest of palates. Hate grapefruit? Not with miracle berries! We will offer a plentiful selection of treats and beverages designed especially to enhance the Miraculin Berry experience. Each person that visits our camp will be given a berries and then be offered a variety of foods and drinks to accompany their altered tasting faculties.


Location: North Strip

Where?House is a group of friends from several states that all come together to create a unique space for music and creativity. Where?House was founded by friends who threw warehouse parties for decades. Now we take our aesthetic to the woods. Where?House is known for our house music and our moonshine. We invite you to come dance the night away, have an adult beverage, or just relax on one of our couches in the shade. We will be doing several themed happy hours. There will be a communal art project. and once again we will be hosting Burner Family Feud.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Location: South Temple

Come one, come all: The Mothership has landed and opened its door! If you ever wanted to be abducted, the time is now! Step inside Work Hard Play Hard’s Mothership to enter a psychedelic world; then take a ride on our pirate ship or chill at our hookah lounge until your mind comes back down to Earth."

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