Alchemy 2016 Leadership Selections

The Events Committee has chosen the newest batch of brave and fearless leadership for Alchemy 2016! 


Art Fundraiser - Lead: Lucas Sims | Co-Lead: Casey Davis | Assistant Leads: Liz Ramsey, Kelly Wilcox | Task Lead - Spreadsheets: Matt Thomson | Task Lead - Web Content: Old Man Dale
Art Team - Leads: Justin Majors & Claudia Bittman | Co-Lead: Alyse Longenecker | Assistant Lead: Liz Ramsey | Task Lead - Web Content: Old Man Dale | Task Lead - Blogs: Serenity River
Center Camp - Lead: Lucas Sims | Co-Lead: Christa Wood
Conclave - Lead: Cassie Richardson | Co-Leads: Chas Nabi & Lauren Melody | Assistant Leads: Russell's "Catch di Giorno", Christina Jones
DMV - Lead: Rob Nordyke | Co-Lead: Dan Barber
Propaganda - Task Lead: Marian Kahn 



Connexus - Lead: Emily G | Co-Lead: Alyson Brown
Education - Lead: Citrus Blossom | Co-Lead: Maggie "Backhand" McKenney 
Media - Lead: Media Lead Moose
Mobile App - Lead: Tyler Cook | Co-Lead: Jim "Geek" Peacock
Placement - Lead: Rocky | Co-Lead: Old Man Dale
Pocket Guide - Task Lead: Kelly Wilcox
Survival Guide - Task Lead: Kelly Wilcox
Web Content - Task Lead: Old Man Dale



Burn Perimeter - Lead: Ean Loire | Co-Lead: Owen Dean
Fire Safety - Lead: Buddy Smith | Co-Lead: Nathan Thacker
Rangers - Lead: Jules Davis | Co-Leads: Sheila “Psychic” Ramey, Noel Richey-Robertson | Assistant Leads: Alan Huskey, Rachael "Bubbles" Mosley
Service Animals - Task Lead: Jay Dowd
Sound Team - Lead: DK Harth
Tranquility Base - Lead: Celeste Watwood | Co-Lead: Emily Jones | Assistant Lead: Chirley | Task Lead: Nadia



Alchemy Public Works (APW) - Lead: Lee Watts | Co-Leads: Caitlin Farley, Taylor "Stunt" Krebs, Stewart "Tardy" Waymire
Effigy (Art & Design) - Selections still happening
Effigy (Construction & Fabrication) - Lead: Jeff Ensing
Effigy (Logistics) - Lead: Mary Robb
Lamplighters - Lead: Shane Rice | Co-Lead:  Anna Kelley
Leave No Trace (LNT) - Lead: Corey Anne | Co-Lead: Kip Greystone
Parking - Lead: Motorcycle Wife | Co-Lead: OJ
Temple (Design & Logistics) - Lead: Frances Jemini
Temple (Construction & Fabrication) - Lead: Johnny "Drippy" Newell
Temple (Art) - Lead: Jennifer Thomson
Traffic - Lead: Opie | Co-Lead: Adam "Khaos" Koetsch



Volunteer Coordinator - Leads: Jennifer McCutchen, Ben “Cheesepants” Bjostad
Purchasing - Lead: French Chris

Curious how all of this is organized? See our Event Leadership chart for more details.

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