Alchemy Steffigy

Project Name: Alchemy Steffigy

Artist Name: Scott

Description of Project

"A burnable art piece designed to honor a legendary burner and active participant in our community that was taken from us way too soon at the end of this past Euphoria.

Stefanie Roberts had her hand in a lot of different things, had a part in many different teams. My thought would be for all these teams to build shrines to Stefanie. Each shrine would measure approximately 40” x 40” x 6’ tall.

Throughout the weekend, each shrine would be displayed around the burn. We could do a Stefanie art walk to visit all the shrines or something on Saturday.

What would be built at the burn spot would be a framework with compartments to place these different shrines. Do y'all remember the effigy a few years ago that was a bunch of different boxes? I'm thinking something kinda like that except the compartments won't have walls to them. Just framework. At the end of the weekend, we could all take our respective shrines up to the framework and put them in the compartments to be burned.

This would allow ALL artists to submit their own pieces instead of having a couple artists try to honor everything that was Stefanie.

It would be an effigy of shrines, built by all the different groups Stefanie was involved in, collectively burned in 1 place.

All those that want to contribute a piece needs to contact me so that I can make sure the framework is big enough and there are enough compartments."

Community Involvement

This project relies entirely on the community and without the community involvement, this project will not happen. We will rely entirely on the community to provide the art. This project will be a framework for the placement of art provided by the community.

Other: "With approval of the art fundraising team, unused money will be dispersed among teams making shrines. Complete transparency will be given of how finances are handled among all those involved.

Minimum budget is for 5 shrines. The more groups that want to participate, the larger the structure. Maximum budget should cover 10 shrines. "


Final Funding: $1,094.72


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