Alchemy's Collective Consciousness

Project Name:

Alchemy's Collective Consciousness
Artist Name:

Kelly McGuire

Description of Project

I set up an easy up and walls, set up black lights, and canvases before and after the big burn to create a painting that is as unique as those who participate. The two canvases are switched to see the difference in everyone's expression before and after the burn. During the day time acrylic paints were left out for anyone to come and enjoy and create with, and at night we switched over to black light acrylic paints. This would create a fun and cool effect for those who came back to look at it over the next days. all pants and brushes and water are supplied.The ground is covered with a tarp to uphold the guideline of leave no trace. This year i would also like to add some cool tapestries to paint on as well and some squishy seating space for comfort.

Community Involvement

The community will be able to hear it, see it and interact with it onsite.

Final Funding: $648.98



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