The Altar of Lactose

Project Name: The Altar of Lactose

Artist Name: Michelle and Skyler

Description of Project

"Come, mere mortals, and fall on your knees before the cheesy gods. Offer a prayer for pimento cheese on toasted, buttery bread. Watch a long stretchy string of dairy form a veritable angel's harp, and sing the praises of the almighty. Absolve your sins with swiss, heal your hurt with havarti, and bask in the glow of brie.

This Alchemy, prepare to be enlightened. The Altar of Lactose is back, serving up delicious fancy grilled cheese to hungry Acolytes. Skyler will serve as High Priest of Altar Construction, using his ample theatrical design and implementation skills to craft an altar that would make the dairy gods salivate with longing. Elder Michelle, madam of the brownie brothel and former Taco Cart chef, provides the culinary expertise behind the altar. Together, we're on a holy mission to convert your tastebuds.

The altar houses our religious offerings for the dairy gods, as well as a coleman propane stove, space for two coolers, and storage compartments for bread and moop. A pop up side shelf serves as prep space. We will be serving grilled cheese until supplies run out, at various points through out the burn. Don't be surprised if we interrupt your peak hour of consciousness with cheese puns."

Community Involvement

"We will be drawing upon inspiration from the community as we seek to write the gospel of the almighty cheese. We will debate the meaning of grilled cheese [if it has meat on it, doesn't that just make it a sandwich?], delve into the mysteries of dessert recipes [blueberry and brie, anyone?], and write the secrets of our findings [start by grilling 3 cups sliced onions in 4T butter...].

More importantly, our altar is a place for community members to worship together, to share their love of dairy and take the communion that our almighty has bestowed upon us. The community that eats grilled cheese together, thrives."

Final Funding: $801.90


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