Augmented Reality Sandbox


Project Name: Augmented Reality Sandbox

Artist Name: Forgotten Timmy

Description of Project

The Augmented Reality Sandbox is a 30"x40" sandbox on 35" legs. 40" above the sandbox is mounted a Kinect 3d camera and a projector. These are wired to a computer running an open source software which draws topological contours on top of the sand. This sandbox is completely interactive, as people change the shape of the sand in the sandbox the camera sees the changes, tells the computer which then tells the projector to redraw the topology. Allowing people to create landscapes, islands, volcanos, even waterfalls.


Community Involvement

This will be an art installation with community participation in mind. Anyone can walk up to it while it is running and play with it. Also, the intention is to make it robust enough to bring it back year after year.


Requested Minimum:  $2197.84

Requested Maximum: $2776.79



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