Behind the Curtain – Circus Combustus

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Project Name: Behind the Curtain – Circus Combustus

Artist Name: Circus Combustus Inc

Description of Project

Circus Combustus is bringing its newest creation to you beautiful people of Alchemy and we hope you'll stop by for a glimpse into what happens when you dare to look Behind the Curtains...

Follow the white rabbit behind the curtains into the funhouse where the circus gets a little skewed. The performers are a little more mischievous and unbuttoned. Where up is down, right is left and all metaphors get mixed.

To bring this amazing creation to you, we need your help to raise funds for propane and transportation. The more money we receive from your generous donations, the more of our Burning Man art project we can bring to Alchemy and the longer we can burn our fire toys for your pleasure.

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Community Involvement

Our performance this year is interactive. The crowd will weave its way through our funhouse to different rooms where they will be entertained by jugglers, musicians, fortune tellers, acrobats, aerialists and fire performers. There will be so much to see and interact with.

Requested Minimum:  $316.00

Requested Maximum: $1,372.00


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