The Bizarre Bazaar

Project Name: The Bizarre Bazaar

Artist Name: Claire Hanson

Description of Project

The Bizarre Bazaar had its first run at To The Moon 2018, where we provided fellow nicotine fiends with hookah for approximately 15 hours per day (something like 1PM till 4AM) and coffee-shop drinks from 9AM till noon. When strong winds knocked over our 20ft tall tepee 24 hours after construction, we completely rebuilt it on site. For Alchemy, we would primarily like to use art grant funds to rebuild and/or strengthen our existing infrastructure so our original dream of a tall tepee can become a reality. To do this, we plan to build a sturdy climbable pyramid out of 1-1/4in EMT at the center of our structure.

Our existing central infrastructure consists of a 45ft diameter rainbow parachute, a central pyramid with sides 10ft long, and five 10ft tall tripods made from 3/4in EMT. Any grant money we receive will first and foremost go towards building four more tripods (bringing our total to 9) of sturdier 1-1/4in EMT and then to completely rebuilding the central pyramid in the method shown on imgur. If given our max budget, we will rebuild our existing tripods from the thicker pipes since some sustained small amounts of damage from wind previously.

The parachute’s center is attached to the top of the pyramid and secured with rope to its sides. As it slopes outward it connects with the 10ft tripods that will be staked into the ground with rebar. We hope to arrive with eight of these in total. Clustered with them around the edge of the perimeter we will place pop-up canopies to protect unrelated art project and gifting areas.

We will also need to purchase webbing to reinforce the parachute since the strong winds ripped a 8ft tear around the perimeter. The new webbing will be sewn all the way around the outer edge. As it was actually the original webbing’s weakness that caused the fall of our tall tepee in the Bazaar’s Phase 1, we hope creating extra strong webbing that can be secured to our tripods and pyramid and still allow wind to pass through will make our original intentions feasible.


Community Involvement

The planning and creation should not impact the Alchemy community other than those directly involved with the project. At the burn itself, our camp is a gifting area for 18ish hours per day, with a nearly constant hookah, morning coffee bar, and evening moonshine bar (the coffee and moonshine are funded solely out of their respective manager’s personal funds). Our big top parachute is eye catching from far away, drawing wandering burners away from the road and into our camp.

As a Bazaar, our idea as a camp is to a foster a place where smaller, disparate projects can be housed under the same rainbow roof- a camp where the theme is that there is no theme. This is an effective strategy because it encourages everyone camped with us, including virgins, to arrive with their own art installation or pre-made gifts. There are currently two art projects (a laser sketching booth and a booth with remote control floating balls) that we intend to feature beneath the parachute.

There are other planned phases for the Bazaar’s growth. Phase 3 consists of adding hammocks and curtains to the inner sanctum of the central pyramid, and Phase 4 will involve creating and connecting another narrower structure with an EMT frame to the big top. However, if we want to grow safely and sustainably in the future, it is critical to first ensure that our tepee can not be blown away.


Requested Minimum:  $372.33

Requested Maximum: $961.13



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