Blissfull BEing Mobile Apothecary

Project Name:

Blissfull BEing Mobile Apothecary

Artist Name:

Alix Marmulstein

Description of Project

One of the most decadent art forms I can think of is the art of self-care. Whether it's taking the time to prepare a meal or take a long bath, we need to show ourselves love and enjoy doing so. This year at Alchemy, I would like to share my most favorite, recent art form of creating nourishing herbal medicines from the earth that can be used in first aid circumstances or to boost immunity/spirits for a more sustainable experience. After many years of working in the festival industry--and attending--I was so beyond leaving drained and sometimes ill. I have developed small batch personal blends that allow me to feel clear, joyful, and energized to share my experiences with my community. Blends I intend to bring will facilitate many things, from calming/grounding spun out kiddos to warming and opening the heart. This year, I'd like to offer my heART to Alchemy in this way and on a larger scale so many people can feel the magic!

Community Involvement

The community will be able to hear it, see it and interact with it onsite.

Full Funding: $368.43



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