Bronarch: The Need Fire, Butterfly

Project Name: Bronarch: The Need Fire, Butterfly

Artist Name: Ernest Law

Description of Project

In Irish folklore the Butterfly and Fire have some things in common.

According to some mythology, when a fire was created and burned for three nights on a piece of land, the land then belonged to the person who created the fire. This Fire is called the Bronach, it is the fire of the gods of the householder, the fire of man. The dealan-dhe' is an Irish term which is used to refer to a butterfly, but it also has other meanings.  It is used to describe the brightness or lightning of the Gods. It may be used to refer to a burning stick that is shaken back and forth to create the need-fire [Bronach]. Another reference between fire and butterflies can be seen within the term tiene-dhe', with the usage of tiene meaning fire. This term refers both to the butterfly and to the Bronach.

The significance of the butterfly in Irish folklore attributes it as the soul and thus it has the ability to cross into the Other-world. It is a symbol of transformation and creation, so I think it fits Alchemy quite well.  


My Bronach will be an otherworldly butterfly sculpture made from 3 pieces of 3/4" plywood. Each piece will be drawn onto the boards and cut out, then slotted together and held in place by gravity to create the sculpture. It will be about 8 ft wide, and roughly 6 ft long. It will rest on the ground or perhaps a wooden leaf.

The Bronach will have designs routed and cut out of its wings to represent fire, life, death, and transformation, ect. This piece of art will not be painted, nor will it have and fasteners to hold it together. It will be burnable.


Community Involvement

This piece will be something for the community to look at, eye candy, and could go in the Art Plaza if desired. Photo opportunities, and if burned, it would serve that visual entertainment impact and community involvement as well.

Requested Minimum:  $153.23

Requested Maximum: $243.89



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