Brownie Brothel


Project Name: Brownie Brothel

Artist Name: Catherine Nguyen

Description of Project:

The Brownie Brothel is ready to bring our made-from-scratch baked goods to Alchemy again, after several successful regional burns since 2013. Our goal is simple: we distribute baked goods to burners, with the goal of raising awareness in the community about consent. We’ve lined up a heaping helping of steamy, new creations along with past favorites. All we need is enough cash dough to keep the cookie dough on our super-hot baking sheets. Many have tasted (and some have feasted) on our wide variety of baked delights from gourmet brownies, to themed cupcakes, to fancy cookies, even to savory muffins.

We adhere to the highest standards of culinary and carnal excellence to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur. In addition, our full-service Sexy Brownie Experience is returning on Friday and Saturday to offer brownie-based lessons on just how hot and provocative consent can be. Participants may choose to participate in short activities to develop and practice skills in asking for consent. We will set up up a large pop-up tent as our boulangerie, complete with comfortable blankets and cushions for people to hang out.

The Brownie Brothel exemplifies the principle of gifting; we give our sweets unconditionally, without expecting anything in return from the recipient. Furthermore, we believe in radical inclusion: everyone is invited to partake in our sweets, as everything we make is ranger-safe, and we make sure to fulfill a range of dietary restrictions, including vegan and gluten-free goodies. We aim to maintain a constant supply of sugary desserts throughout the burn to keep up with every heart’s desire. For Alchemy 2017, we produced over fifty batches of baked items, but top-quality ingredients aren’t cheap. While we do our best to gift our own resources, feeding a hoard of lascivious burners is no cheap feat. As such, we look to our community to assist in procuring ingredients to keep that sensual sugar flowing all burn long.


Community Involvement


Our art is interactive in multiple ways. During Alchemy, we will open our Brothel for full-service on Friday and Saturday from 12-6 pm. We invite burners to participate with us at our theme camp. We invite people to come visit our brothel to partake in our delectable baked goods. Participants will receive a baked good of their choice by simply asking, or by completing or observing certain tasks. Potential tasks involve doing a silly dance, singing a song, or feeding a brownie to someone else. We encourage willing participants to practice their skills in obtaining explicit consent before indulging in their desires.

Furthermore, participants do not have to be a member of our theme camp to bake with us! If other participants wish to share their passion for dessert with their fellow participants, they’re welcome to drop off their baked goods, and we would be happy to distribute them. We will post a call for guest bakers on the Alchemy Facebook group by mid-September.

We spread our love of baked goods right down to the greeter’s station. The Brownie Brothel traditionally does a theme camp greeter/education volunteer shift where we offer delicious baked goods to participants right as they enter the event. During To The Moon last month, Catherine Nguyen distributed banana bread as a greeter. What better way to welcome participants home than with delightful,delectable baked concoctions?

Additionally, we are a certified ranger-safe food camp where rangers can stop by for a quick snack on their rounds. We also periodically bring batches of baked goods to the ranger station to share with hungry, hard-working volunteers.


Requested Minimum:  $110.00

Requested Maximum: $275.00



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