Burn Chef


Project Name: Burn Chef

Artist Name: Weatherman and Janni

Description of Project

Iron Chef Alchemy will be a performance art piece wherein we recreate the Iron Chef experience with a bunch of personas designed by each participant who would compete with a random basket of ingredients to make something tasty. the 4 competitors would compete, and the two top chefs would then compete to be iron chef of Alchemy. We expect needing pop up tents, tables, kitchen prep materials, spices, etc... The vision is that each of us has a "chef" persona, and we compete to be the best. The winner will be given a staff designed by us to carry around til the next year.

Community Involvement

The participants will be able to watch these crazy personas feud and fight and possibly cheat their way to victory. There will be cheering, fun, and food to eat after.

Requested Minimum:  $485.36

Requested Maximum: $643.13

Budget: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11QY_t_nKm3QFPKdZwvZokzvbxM2sGD-J...





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