Burning Picket Fences

Project Name: Burning Picket Fences

Artist Name: Geek

Description of Project

"Just as it did at Euphoria 2016, the Burning Picket Fences project creates a comfortable art station where participants create their own topical signs. These can be anything the artist wishes and we’ve previously seen humor, politics, tender sentiment and trippy wordscapes, to name a few.

Participants can then plant their signs in the growing “protest garden” at the art installation. Volunteers will harvest the garden prior to the Effigy burn and the signs will be part of its kindling.

The super fun part comes when we make the project maximum budget and initiate Propaganda Discorporated. Those additional project funds create a mobile art creation station that travels the burn thrice per day (at optimal staffing) to encourage participation in free expression with a side order of immediacy.

This mobility gives us several secondary facilities:

  • Matching artists with the PSAs that need them.
  • Facilitating org propas (volunteer staffing need posters, etc).
  • Assisting theme camps in advertising their functions.
  • Facilitating PSA posters (self care, burn principles, etc)

As wonderful as all those are the main project focus will always be to encourage people in their own self expression."

Community Involvement

"The primary focus of Burning Picket Fences is to enable and encourage burners to radically express themselves. The initial run of the project at
Euphoria 2016 was a wonderful success with close to forty burners putting out their personal messages of humor, satire, art, touching bereavement, and more for the entire burn to see. I didn’t promote, I didn’t instruct, I didn’t even assemble the signs. All it took was putting the materials out there.

By intended growth for the project at Alchemy is embracing immediacy and radical inclusion. I’m creating Propaganda Discorporated - a mobile poster creation station. I’m sending it out through the burn under the guidance of enabled agitators to encourage and cajole people to express themselves. Radically. Immediately.

A late realization at Euphoria was the fantastic messaging medium we had available through the BPF sign stock. We took very limited advantage of it there but I intend to capitalize on it for Alchemy. This is a fantastic civil resource for org messaging (critical volunteer needs, property condition information, “911 on site”, whatevers). This version of the project actively facilitates PSAs and theme camp event advertising.

 noted several times at the Euphoria installation that people wanted to make a sign. They walked up to the pavilion with a thoughtful face, stood there looking deeply into the ether, then walked away. They wanted to participate but they didn’t know what to make. At Alchemy we will be providing these wayward artists with a list of messages that really want to get out. Things like hydration and medication safety, burn principles, 11th principles and similar positive messaging.

Radical self expression. Immediacy. Radical Inclusion. Participation. Civic Responsibility.

[drops mic]

TL;DR: Burning Picket Fences enables radical self expression by providing a medium, removing obstacles, and providing incentive."

Other: The Propaganda Discorporated wagon needs provocateurs! If you like engaging people and encouraging them (with a megaphone) then this is the job for you. Look for volunteer opportunities 3 times a day, Thurs-Sat.

Final Funding: $281.37

Budget: https://goo.gl/kc9Do3

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