The Button Zone


Project Name: The Button Zone

Artist Name: Staves

Description of Project

I want to make an interactive area of buttons. Big buttons, small buttons, lots of switches and things to press and interact with. They will make sounds, change lights, interact with each other, play noises, make music. As an entire massive area or just a large table at a lounge camp, I want people to be distracted with all the things you could theoretically do At the minimum, imagine a table within a tent/lounge camp where you have 100+ buttons to play with. Big red buttons, small buttons, potentiometers and sliders and knob. Play with them makes sounds noises, not necessarily predictably. Knobs and sliders can do similar, but can adjust the lighting and sound and even possibly interaction setups. This will be built in raspberry pi, connected to it, and the corresponding breadboards. Theoretically I think this min budget can entirely work battery powered. Combined with a lounge camp, a bunch of people can have fun. This idea can scale very easily, though not necessarily cheaply. At the maximum budget, I want the tent/lounge to have 5 different areas (given that too much buttons to one area could be very annoying sound wise), a midicontroller keyboard to that is randomly(?) connected to various other buttons (so playing with the keyboard is crazy interesting), an outdoors area with 13 wooden poles/totems that go up to waist high that have various buttons up and down, but a single large button on top for each of the 13 totems to correlate to a music key note (imagine a group of friends playing with that), recordable buttons in various places (so mics is necessary), a generator so that the entire setup can operate without having to rely on batteries, a structure full of buttons (think boxes/wooden structure with buttons everywhere), protection against the rain for various parts of the project, and transportation (uhaul) to help with getting all the things there. At the max budget, it's a literal zone of buttons. As a sound/lounge camp you could throw in music and have buttons psuedo-dj the music.


Community Involvement

It's a fun project for people to play with, for people to chip in ideas to, to stimulate their idea of something "happening" every time you push a project. It's pure interactivity and open to any modification or adjustment people throw in.

Requested Minimum:  $666.66

Requested Maximum: $4185.55



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