Cake Stand


Project Name: Cake Stand

Artist Name: Danielle Orman

Description of Project

Cupcakes are a joy often eaten on the go, but a slice of cake is something people stop and savor. This is what I learned during one of my all-time favorite burn days at Flipside in Texas when I baked nine cakes of different styles and flavors and served them at my snack station. Alchemy will be my first burn with my self-converted Sprinter van, complete with a tiny kitchen. While I've served snacks - a lot of snacks - at more than 10 burns, I've never had an on-site oven. I couldn't be more excited to share my basic love of cake with you lovely Georgia burners.

As I've done this event before, I have a clear expectation of what it will take to complete it and I carry all of the pans, kitchen accessories and frosting tips around the country in my van, awaiting the day I get to use them at a burn. I'll make a grocery trip to fill my fridge and extra cooler with ingredients, make anything I can ahead, like frostings and fillings, and setting up a burner-pinterest style stand to serve as many cakes as I can make in a weekend. With the groceries I've allotted in my budget I believe I can repeat my nine-cake assortment on at least two days of the burn.


Community Involvement

I'd love to take flavor requests through the Facebook group, and, of course, feed as many hippies cake as possible.


Requested Minimum:  $236.66

Requested Maximum: $267.15






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