Camp Twig & Berries

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Project Name: Camp Twig & Berries

Artist Name: Bri Roxas

Description of Project

We are Camp Twig and Berries! We specialize in palate fascination and delight!  We will be bringing the unique practice of "flavor flipping"", using the Miraculin Berries to Alchemy 2017!  This experience includes the consumption of all-natural, non-narcotic ""Miracle Berries"".  These berries are produced by the plant Synsepalum dulcificum, and contain the protein miraculin, which causes the tongue to decipher flavor in a radically new way.  Sour and tart transform into sweet, succulent and delicious.  After the berries roll over your tongue for a brief maturation period, victi... ahem -cough- participants will experience the natural phenomenon that captivates and charms the pickiest of palates.  Hate grapefruit?  Not with miracle berries!  We will offer a plentiful selection of treats and beverages designed especially to enhance the Miraculin Berry experience.  Each person that visits our camp will be given a berries and then be offered a variety of foods and drinks to accompany their altered tasting faculties.  

In addition to the Miraculin Berry Experience, our camp will include a cozy lounge area to relax and mingle with fellow campers.  We will have an ongoing, electrical music selection provided by the very talented DJs camping with us.  

Our objective for this camp is to facilitate open mindedness to the culinary experience for everyone at Alchemy.  We want to share the incredible sensation of experiencing one of your key senses flipped upside down!

Each day we will offer the interactive experience of Miraculin Berries to guests of the burn in groups.  This experience will include a theatrical (read: loud and awesome) introduction to Miracle Berries by one of our camp-members (well versed in the culinary delight that is Miracle Berries) to welcome them to our camp and explain what in the heck a miracle berry is.  After welcoming everyone to the camp, our presenting camp member will explain what to expect, how to get the most out of it and recommend sample selections to taste during one's experience.  Patrons select their tasty delectables from our assortment of freshly prepared culinary creations.  Each patron is encouraged to have as much of any item they please, so long as they are considerate of the wants and desires of others.  We will guide each individuals tongue on an expedition through flavor that will ensure lasting memories.

Community Involvement

We will involve the community by interacting with upwards of 800 fellow burners and we will impact the community by encouraging other people to start their very own theme camps by telling them how fun and life changing it can be. We always strive to be beacons of positivity and fun, in the online groups, at the art fundraiser, and at Alchemy itself. 

Requested Minimum:  $824.31

Requested Maximum: $1,645.67


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