Project Name: Charka-Coon

Artist Name: Dany Day

Description of Project

We all head to Alchemy to come home for acceptance and exploration of our true self. Yet the energetic beliefs/cords to the outside world (job, school, family, relationship) create constructs inside our energetic being. When a chakra is out of balance, it can show up as financial fear, struggling with a healthy self image,
feeling like a victim, afraid of giving/receiving love/commitment, fear of speaking your truth, trouble making decisions, experiencing loneliness, insignificance, and meaningless.

We invite you to sit down in the visually engaging Chakra-coon and chat with an empathic guide to uncover which Chakra is out of balance. Each person will be given education and guide to use our crystals and stones for clearing blockages in a separate guided 7 minute energetic rebooting session. A stone/crystal is used to
focus the work on a specific Chakra center while the Rebooting process clears and balances all the Chakras. This is an educational expansion of the Rebooting that burners have been experiencing at the Inner Alchemy theme camp since 2010






Community Involvement

Since 2010, Inner Alchemy has gifted Chakra Clearing in a process called Rebooting. Burners returning each year
would seek out the Inner Alchemy theme camp. Knowledge spread by word of mouth and hundreds would stop by each year to get this 7 minute gift. While at Alchemy, this work helps to ground and stabilize those experiencing emotional, mental and physical stress. This project shares with the community the skills
to clear negative energy brought in from the outside world and get centered in the burner community’s positive energy. The experience and information we take home can be used all year to help ground and center our energy for making positive impacts in our lives, for the burner community and the world at large. Sometimes, it is the simple things welearn and remember that can have profound results in our life.

Requested Minimum:  $281.07

Requested Maximum: $805.06



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