A note to the community -- the consequences of Radical Self Expression

Sometimes we forget just how connected we are.  We know we are a community, but we don't realize how broad our community is, and how many lives we touch.  We don't realize how many people know of us, listen to us, watch what we do and read what we say.  While we work very hard to be amazing in our expressions, we might not notice that they cause fear to some, worry to others, and a sad shaking of heads to our own who do understand that there are consequences to actions.

The general burn community is seeing a rapid rise in the cost of insurance, when it is available at all, in part because of what Insurance Underwriters are reading on Facebook.  Yes, when you have a long troll full of negativity just for fun, that person at their desk half a world away may not realize your joke and instead may say "too risky for me".  When you shout down talks of consent, or talk around the importance of doing the right things where fire and others are concerned, you cause law enforcement and fire marshals that read over your shoulder to wonder what they need to do to protect THEIR community from ours, and, they will take those actions if it means our events go silent at midnight and that fire spinners must show proof of personal general liability insurance just to attend.  When two or three disagree, but do so by attacks, two or three others with wide eyes that could have been our next generation instead look to other places and enjoyments.

All this because we forget who reads, who listens, who checks in to see what it is that we do.  We want to promote art, to promote the growth of celebration, to create a place where the horizons fade into the sounds of dance and flickering flame.  Radically express, but pay attention to the part of that principle that most don't read: "In this spirit, the giver should respect the rights and liberties of the recipient".... and, be aware that the recipients may be more than you first thought.