Alchemy 2013 Theme Camp & Village Information & Requirements


*It is IMPORTANT that you read all the information below prior to registering*

One of the key objectives and guiding principles that we (the Theme Camp Placement Team) are striving for this year is to have a smooth placement process that results in a diverse and harmonious temporary city.

There will be neighborhoods and zones with different characteristics set up throughout the burn. For instance, some neighborhoods will be allowed to have amplified sound 24 hours a day for the duration of the burn. Others will be deemed “quiet zones” throughout the burn. Others still will be deemed amplified sound until a certain cut-off time.

However this is, as it has always been, YOUR burn. Therefore, if there are other types of neighborhoods you want to establish (perhaps several performance camps would like to set up a performance art neighborhood or village, for instance), then let us know. We are working hard to plan YOUR city, and we want it to reflect YOUR wishes and desires. Help us be the guiding instrument which makes your Alchemy dreams come to fruition!


Certain types of theme camps will be REQUIRED to pre-register. Other types of theme camps may, at their option, pre-register. We highly advise all theme camps, irrespective of size, to pre-register because without information about your camp, placement will not be able to reserve space for your camp.

The following types of theme camps MUST pre-register:

  • Sound Camps. Your camp is a sound camp if you are using any sound equipment larger than an iPod dock or something equivalent to that size and sound generated. If you are using speakers, amps, and/or are planning on playing music past 10pm you ARE A SOUND CAMP AND MUST CONTACT SOUND TEAM prior to completing your theme camp registration. Contact the Sound Team at
  • Any camp that will require more than 2000 square foot of space;
  • Any camp that has specific location or geographic requirements which absolutely cannot function without access to those site features.

If your theme camp meets any of the above-criteria, you MUST pre-register your theme camp. If you fail to preregister by the deadline listed above, your camp may not be able to function how you would like for it to, and we want all camps to be able to ROCK their radical self-expression as much as possible.

All other Theme Camps may pre-register, and are encouraged to do so because without information about your camp, placement will not be able to reserve space for your camp. However, camps not included on the list above are not required to pre-register


Theme camps/villages ARE eligible for early entry but must detail what their contribution to Alchemy is and how they are going to be interactive and participatory. Hamlets are NOT eligible for early entry.


All theme camps, villages, and hamlets are REQUIRED to have at least one ABC Fire Extinguisher easily visible to all who may enter the camp. These can be purchased at stores such as Walmart & Target. EACH them camp within a village must have its OWN fire extinguisher.

All theme camps, villages, and hamlets are also REQUIRED to have at least one basic first aid kit available. These kits are about $10.00 and easily purchased at stores such as Walmart & Target. The kit must be kept in a visible and easily accessible location. This kit is NOT a substitute for Alchemy First Aid, but more of a preventative or triage method for injuries. EACH them camp within a village must have its OWN first aid kit.

Theme camps, villages, and hamlets will be checked for these items by placement or rangers at any point during the burn. If these items are not present, a note will be made that your camp did not meet these requirements, which could adversely affect your camp’s placement priority in the future. PLEASE honor these requirements in the spirit of safety for all of Alchemy.

Placement priority will basically be on a first come first serve basis. If two or more camps request the same spot, the first theme camp to submit and meet all requirements will most likely get the spot.

However, this year, there is something your camp (or hamlet!) can do to help your placement priority. Volunteer participation! In instances where a conflict of location exists, the placement team will look at the volunteer shifts being filled by members of each camp. The greater the level of volunteer participation from a given camp, the greater the changes that said camp will get placement priority. This is to encourage theme camps to “up their game”, to lead by example, and to participate.

We are STRONGLY encouraging camps to do camp-wide volunteering with one of the many teams this year (also see LNT section below). If the majority of your camp is willing to volunteer on a team, this service will factor positively in your placement priority!

However, if your camp uses volunteer participation to improve placement priority and your volunteers don’t show up, it will be noted and could negatively affect your camp’s placement priority for the following year.


As a theme camp, village, hamlet, or individual it is each member’s responsibility and civic burner duty to Leave No Trace. This means your camp/village/hamlet will be required to pick up all border tape, signage, stakes, etc. that were used by placement to outline the boundaries of your space. This means you will place it with your trash and carry it off site as well. Any group that fails to do so will be marked on the moop map.

We will also be asking camps, villages, hamlets, and individuals to “Adopt an Alchemy Road” this year. This will be made public on signage along the road. This will mean you will be responsible to check your section of the road daily and collect any MOOP found and then take it out with you when you leave Alchemy. Volunteering to participate in this aspect of LNT will positively affect placement priority!

This year there will also be a post burn MOOP map made by the LNT & Placement Team. Any camp, village, or hamlet that leaves MOOP after the burn runs the risk of negatively affecting their placement priority for the next year.


Please know that we are going to do our best to accommodate all of your space and location requests. However, the reality is that there are only so many sites and places. Therefore, we can’t guarantee any specific location or amount of space. Consequently, please make sure to have alternative locations and plans in mind when registering your theme camp/village/hamlet.

Additionally, sound camps should be aware that some locations where we may be able to permit 24 hour amplified sound will only work (in other words, avoid disturbing the neighbors) if your sound equipment is pointed in particular directions.

These additional placement considerations, and the possible need to work individually with some sound camps on a case-by-case basis where speaker-direction will be a consideration, are why the sound camp registration deadline is earlier than other theme camps/villages/hamlets.

Also, please know that we are going to be working closely with the other teams (APW, Art Team, etc.) to work to make sure that there is a comprehensive city plan.

Since specific space is being allocated to theme camps it IS permissible to ask people not associated with a given theme camp to move if they unwittingly start to set up in the designated theme camp space. If this happens we kindly ask that representatives of the theme camps extend the utmost courtesy when having these conversations with non-members. It is also important for camps to be aware of what is happening within their boundaries and to make their members aware of them so that these types of discussions can be had before non-associated campers get all of their stuff set up. This will help minimize conflict on all fronts.

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