Decay-dence: Composting With Worms

Project Name: Decay-dence: Composting With Worms

Artist Name: Bettie Bullet

Description of Project

"I want to bring worm composting to Alchemy. The project has two components. The first is to collect compostable waste (food scraps, cardboard, paper, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc) at the burn with 5 gallon collection buckets placed in key locations such as my camp (TBI), LNT, Polite as Fuck, and any other camps that would like to participate. Each bucket will have a clear list of dos and don’ts of what to put in the bucket.

I did this at Euphoria this year with just 2 buckets and LNT was awesome about sorting compostables from their collections over to me. They also loved that the had less MOOP to haul out. These scraps will go home with me to be added to my worm and traditional composting systems.

The second part of the plan is education. Each day around lunch time I will invite burners to come feed the worm bin. At these feedings, I will explain how worm composting works and allow burners to touch the worms and see what finished worm castings look/feel like. Reusable rubber gloves and and a handwashing station will also be available. I think the kids in particular will enjoy “petting” the worms.

My minimum project includes about 10 buckets to place around the burn for collecting compost, bringing a small worm bin system, hand washing materials, and a trailer for transporting materials to and from Alchemy.

My maximum project includes all of these items, but would also allow for the construction of a worm bin with a clear side to demonstrate the decomposition of food waste into rich compost. I also have included art materials to paint each bucket differently, hopefully with rthe help of other Alchemy artists, If approved, I would immediately start on construction of the clear bin and painting buckets so that enough compost could build up by October to show the full transition."

Community Involvement

"Leave No Trace has always been one of the principles that really hits home for me. I think by bringing worm composting to the burn, it gets people in touch with LNT in a very tangible way. If my max budget is met, I can show the literal transition of waste into worm castings through the clear sided worm bin. And if not, burners will get to see, touch, and feed the worms. They can learn how to bring this kind of composting into their own lives. They can see their MOOP not just as something to be handled, but as organic matter that can be turned into healthy compost recycled back into the environment. It will hopefully generate some more interest in LNT volunteering as well.

And for those not so green inclined, there’s a fair amount of mad science to worm composting. You literally take trash and turn it into the best fertilizer in the world. Worm composting makes me feel like king of my little domain. I think burners will get a kick out of it. "


Final Funding: $318.00


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