Destination Station

Project Name: Destination Station

Artist Name: Christa Wood

Description of Project

"We've all been there. We've just lost time in a LED forest or eaten too many fried foods and we aren't sure what the future should hold next.
Step into the Destination Station.
By waiting in the Station, you consent to being approached and offered a Destination.
It is my hope to have the Station placed next to a main road so that it gets plenty of traffic.
Designed like a bus stop, the interior will be lit and the back wall panel inside will have a lighted "Take Me With You" CNCed out of plywood.
Acrylic side walls provide stability while also giving higher visibility of the burn. "

Community Involvement

This project is a tool for Participation. Sometimes we don't know how to get to our next adventure, and this will be a focal point or at least a place for Art Cars to drop off passengers. I plan to build a lot of it myself, but I will be utilizing my social capital to get some of the more detailed pieces manufactured.

Other: Only that it would be silly and fun to build and a place to get out of the rain if nothing else. <3


Final Funding: $1,003.85

Link to Budget:

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