Easy Bake Titan

Project Name: Easy Bake Titan

Artist Name: Chaney & Jessica Seales

Description of Project

"We want to turn a boring pickup truck into a blast from your past— a ten-foot-tall Easy Bake Oven. Just like the commercials that interrupted your favorite Nicktoons, except a towering colossus that can churn out delicious baked goods significantly more quickly than an old incandescent lightbulb ever could.
We've already got two propane ovens and plenty of infrastructure to serve baked treats and hot beverages. The Easy Bake Titan will be a fully functioning cafe, driving around the event and dishing out cinnamon buns, cookies, biscuits, coffee, and other tasty treats all weekend long.

We'll be constructing the frame of the Easy Bake Titan from a contractor ladder rack. This sturdy steel base will allow up to hang a custom printed ~14ft wide, ~7ft tall vinyl billboard across each side of the vehicle. The banner will be lit from the top with a 12V LED lighting system, allowing the gigantic nostalgia trip to be clearly visible even at night. "

Community Involvement

We'll serve baked goods and warm beverages all weekend along. Additionally, we'll engage the community via a Facebook poll to determine what kinds of foodstuffs we should provide during the weekend.


Final Funding: $1,063.30

Budget: https://goo.gl/WAFjeI

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