The Eyrie

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Project Name: The Eyrie

Artist Name: Chris Molnar

Description of Project


When a dragon's nest becomes unattended, we must assist with releasing the whelps.

The Eyrie is a constructed nest to raise the eggs above the ground and give breath to the fire that will release these beings.

Three dragon eggs will be placed in a nest woven from grapevine, and raised on a 10' tripod of split branches reinforced with twine and additional vines.

The community is invited to add their energy to the burning. Writings or drawings can be placed in the nest so they will be released with the dragons.

Community Involvement

It will need to be placed in an appropriate area, and will need volunteers to facilitate the burning (perimeter, fire safety/burn down crew).

Requested Minimum:  $237.01

Requested Maximum: $237.01



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