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Project Name: FLAGS+

Artist Name: Ian Elmore

Description of Project

In 2016 "Survey Flags" came forth, kicking and screaming into the world after 12 months of gestation.  FLAGS were cast, FLAGS were found, FLAGS were moved.  The 50 FLAGS from last year have gone afield, appearing at Love Burn and To the Moon, while they have inspired others around the globe to make FLAGS for other burns.

Alchemy is the beating heart of the FLAGS project, the field in which they are sown.  We need to make more FLAGS for this harvest.  More than ever before.

Community Involvement

The FLAGS are the community.  The community is FLAGS.  Every person who raises their eyes to the supple banner will be a participant, and everyone who finds a FLAG with be one with the glory.

Other: 64-96 FLAGS
10 Posters

Requested Minimum:  $347.77

Requested Maximum: $498.42

Budget: https://goo.gl/rcPzgW

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