Team Lead Signups

Interested in becoming a teamlead for Alchemy?  Read on through what's expected, and then continue on for the application.

All Team Leads are expected to:

  • Have their application and proposal submitted to the Event Team Leads no later than 6/1/2013
  • Attend the monthly Team Lead meetings. Special arrangements can be made if the lead does not live in the Atlanta area. The initial meeting is 6/23/2013.
  • Submit a line-item budget for the team.
  • Attend build weekend prior to the event (10/11 - 10/13/2013)
  • Set up a volunteer schedule in coordination with the volunteer coordinator by August
  • Attend the morning Team Lead meetings during the event
  • Assign one person (either a Team Lead or trustworthy volunteer) to assist with breaking down the team's infrastructure.  This team member must remain onsite until their team's assets have been completely broken down and turned over to Teardown/Public Works
  • Have a post-event report submitted 3 weeks after the event
  • Not be scared by all this stuff! We have pretty solid support and resource systems to help you with this, especially if this is your first time leading a team
legal, please!
This helps with planning our team lead meetings.
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