Fur Pod

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Project Name: Fur Pod

Artist Name: Tape

Description of Project

The Fur Pod is a small meditative room, with standing space intended for one (or intimately two) people, occupying roughly 4'x4'x8'. The entrance is opened with a curtain to block out incoming light, and the remaining three walls are lined with soft white fur diffusing a massive array of LEDs periodically cycling through colorful patterns. A small speaker will play calming and meditative sounds, as the Fur Pod offers a welcoming and secluded spot to recollect your thoughts, and take a personal moment away from the exposed chaos of the burn, while still offering a visually pleasing and stimulating tactile space.

A burn can be an overwhelming environment, and the goal of the Fur Pod is to provide a sturdy safe space and experience that allows for an occupant to be left alone with their own thoughts for a time, while still offering a chance to interact with a unique visual and tactile stimulus.

The structure will be constructed of 2x4 and plywood, with a metal roof angled to avoid water buildup. The curtain entrance will not reach completely to the ground, allowing for passing burners to be enticed by the color emitted, and allow for an unobtrusive method to see if the room is already occupied. The controlling electronics/speaker will be mounted in a space in the roof of the structure, run off of a nearby gas generator. The audio and LED patterns will run off of a laptop controlling fadecandy interfaces, which drive WS2812B programmable LED strips (powered from large 5V power supplies).

Already constructed is a single 3'x3' section of fur and LEDs being run on the same interface as a smaller scale prototype/proof of concept used at To The Moon 2017. This panel serves as a platform to immediately test and add new modes pre-construction, in addition to the 30 modes already written for the smaller panel. This 3'x3' panel will act as the interior roof panel of the final structure.

Community Involvement

The Fur Pod aims to provide the Alchemy community with a short mental pause to catch its breath. While the Fur Pod is small and so cannot accommodate for large groups of the community at once, this allows for all members of the community to be offered a private experience and rejuvenating moment of personal reflection, which can often be difficult to find at a burn outside of the 'pleasant' aroma and seclusion of a porta-potty. The design is based on standing room to prevent participants from sleeping or remaining in the Pod for large periods of time, allowing it to service as many members of the burn as possible, if only one at a time.

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Requested Minimum:  $606.64

Requested Maximum: $783.90

Budget: https://goo.gl/KRZ6Gn

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