Hammock City!

Project Name: Hammock City!

Artist Name: Annika Zapf

Description of Project

Hammock City! was an amazing success for Euphoria 2016 and I want to bring it back ti Alchemy-just bigger! I want to have around 40-50 hammocks this time, set-up in the Hinterlands with art and wind chimes and fabric to flow in the breeze. The Hinterlands are an amazing place to get away from the noise and out of the sun. Hammock City! became a favorite chill space for so many people. This time, I want there to be more hammocks, more art going on, more notebooks to write and draw in, more donated art, and more people joining in on art classes! I would like more lights this go around (the solar lights broke and someone was kind enough to set up a huge led curtain-however that got taken....) I will need to come up with some sort of defense to prevent theft....I am considering just marking FAI on the hammocks in huge black letters, but I feel I could get more creative...and prettier. I want to have signs throughout the burn that will point people towards the Hinterlands and also so we can better announce when classes are being held. (No one showed up for dream catcher class at all). The notebooks were probably my favorite thing to see at the end, and they had so many cool things in them that involved people nearby to join in (i.e. a dare game, sing-alongs, etc) I want to have those again on a bigger scale and figure out a way to get consent to post some of the things in them...

Community Involvement

We will need volunteers to help put up all the hammocks, help lead art/flow/yoga/hoop classes. Hammock City will bring burners together in one place to relax and talk and maybe even nap a little. It could potentially become a permanent fixture at burns and a great way to bring strangers together. I would also love to gather more volunteers for set-up and checking in on the city during the night...

Other: Need some volunteers to shame thieves! Or you know, just keep a look-out


Final Funding: $1,488.52

Budget: https://goo.gl/dkt4Op

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