The Happy Hippy Hand-Cart (Refreshing Towels)


Project Name: The Happy Hippy Hand-Cart (Refreshing Towels)


Artist Name: Cassi

Description of Project

Providing refreshing cloths to campers.

All materials will be purchased and maintained by me.

Prior to the events, cloths will be equally divided into distribution groups based on the number of days I will be attending the event, mornings and afternoons, and bagged for each distribution.

During the event, each bagged set will be prepared and circulated among campers for use.

Mornings: Cloths will be placed into the cooler and heated using boiling water that was heated on our camp stove.

Afternoons: Cloths will be placed into the cooler and cooled using ice water. The cooler will be placed into the cart along with a clothes hamper for collecting the used cloths.

Distributor will wear gloves for safe handling of cloths and will use tongs to hand out cloths to campers. After use, campers will return cloths to the collection bin in the cart. All returned cloths will be cleaned and used again at the next event. Signs will be made and hung on the cart to decorate and explain the project and cloth returning options.


Community Involvement

I would like to reach as many in the community to provide them with refreshing cloths during their burn event. My hope is that by sharing an enjoyable gift with others it will bring them pleasure while opening a door to meeting new friends.


Requested Minimum:  $401.21

Requested Maximum: $580.77



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