The Hydration Station


Project Name: The Hydration Station

Artist Name: Dew Drop

Description of Project

We're creating a geodome and going to make it look like an igloo. We'll have ac and misting units connected. Inside the igloo is where we'll have the hydration station.  This will be the third year we'll be providing fruit infused water. As this grows each year. The fruit and water is getting more and more expensive. We're looking to get 4 to 6 hundred dollars to go toward fruit and water to supply everyone at alchemy. We'll have different fruit combinations every day and some of the water will also go to the fan misters.  The whole idea is to keep people cool and hydrated during the day every day. We also plan on having mobile water containers for the ranger teams and people working parking and so forth.

Community Involvement

IThis has a huge impact.  We forgot sometimes to stay hydrated while walking around and having fun all day under the sun. Fruit infused water is a great way to stay hydrated.  Each year we've done this, one comment I hear over and over is, "I didn't realize how bad I needed this water till after I drank it".

Requested Minimum:  $296.28

Requested Maximum: $570.20






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