Hygge Crafting Workshop


Project Name: Hygge Crafting Workshop

Artist Name: Ocelot

Description of Project

I wish to host a workshop on the Danish concept of hygge (hoo-gah), a way of life that invites coziness, togetherness, and overall feeling of comfort and joy. Hygge is a way to slow down, connect with ourselves, and enjoy the moment. Think cozying up to the fire with a warm drink and a book to read. Since Danish hygge has a lot of focus on the home, I will be hosting a crafting workshop after introducing hygge, so that participants can create their very own candle holders (candles are essential to hygge) and bring a bit of hygge into their daily lives. If I meet my maximum, I hope to also serve hot cocoa and Danish gløgg (mulled wine with brandy and spices).


Community Involvement

Hygge is a way of life that I think everyone could benefit from, especially in the US. This will help bring a bit of peace and comfort to the community, and hopefully let participants reflect on how best to slow down and enjoy comfort and togetherness in the every day, not just at the burn.


Requested Minimum:  $72.51

Requested Maximum: $230.54






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