Project Name: Infinishower

Artist Name: Isaac Logsdon

Description of Project

Anyone miss showers at the burn? We do. This project is a water filtration/recycling system that ends up recycling around 90% of the water used through multi-stage filtration and sending it back through the shower. It creates a nearly infinite water loop so that a 5gal bucket of water will give about a 10 minute shower. The recycled grey water is so clean that it is better than tap water in most areas and has been rated drinkable by multiple post-filtration tests (we have sciencey statistical charts with pretty colors to prove it). These showers will be portable and will be a staple feature at Camp Business Casual for everyone to use (for a small donation of water) for many burns to come. Our maximum budget accounts for 2 showers instead of 1.

Community Involvement

We will have less smelly burners, I think we can all appreciate that. :)

Other: "We want to do this art project to benefit the entire burn for many years to come. No matter where our burns move around to, we won't have to worry about not having shower infrastructure ready to go. Everyone loves getting freshened up and clean before putting on their best for burn night.

We also like to make everyone aware that these systems exist and can even be installed in your home to save a ton on water costs. Going green is never a bad thing.

Please help us make this a reality, the more donations we get, the more showers we can make."


Final Funding: $2,627.30


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