Inflato Dimensional

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Project Name: Inflato Dimensional

Artist Name: Been

Description of Project

This project is a giant projection mapped inflatable structure that hides a hidden dimension. Inside are several different rooms with rugs, inflatable furniture, balloons, and possibly a DJ booth.

The structures are primitive 3D shapes like cones, cubes and cylinder that will be projection mapped with custom written software that will ideally let the users inside control the visuals on the sides of the structures. The primitives are either sewn together from rip-stop nylon or taped together sheets of 4-6mm poly sheeting.

The inflatables blow up within minutes and can be moved around fairly easily so there is a potential for pop up parties next to the effigy or other unexpected areas on the property.

We have successfully prototyped inflatables made from both materials at multiple events with 10-15 people inside at once. We will be rehabbing the current inflatables with improved material and entry-ways and ideally expanding the scope of the bubbles.

Community Involvement

The structures are large and will be beautifully illuminated in order to add to the Alchemy skyline. People that find there way inside will be able to control the visuals and have a front row seat inside the inflato lounge. People are consistently amazed that we have built these structures and how they work. We will be on site when inflated in order to give tutorials on how to build their own using the inflatocookbook.

Other: I know it's not always typical to fund things like a projector but it's a critical piece for this project. We've already sunk around to $1000 in material, furniture, etc. for the prototypes and the current pieces not including the $1200 we spent on projectors already. We have found over the last year that the projectors we have been using are not ideal and need a very specific type of projector (short throw, high lumen) in order to accomplish the visual effect we are hoping to achieve. The projectors are not for personal use.

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Requested Minimum:  $383.65

Requested Maximum: $1,830.09


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