June Cleaver's Beaver Cage Camp


Project Name: June Cleaver's Beaver Cage Camp

Artist Name: Laurenosaurusdex

Description of Project:

The vision behind this interactive performance art project is one of sexual education and self exploration. As someone with over 20 years of experience in a range of positions throughout human sexuality and the sex industry, I want to bring my knowledge and an opportunity to explore toys from my personal collection to the people with this project. Many items I have accumulated take a large investment of money before you can even see if it’s something you enjoy. As well as the investment of time, effort, and sometime embarrassment it takes to try to figure these things out. With June Cleaver’s Beaver Cage Camp, there’s an opportunity to explore like never before. We offer interactive friendly performances teaching people the ins and outs of various kinks. Rotating stations allowing people to play, explore, and educate themselves on kink, consent, and sexuality with a steady hand and watchful eye happily helping them along. June Cleaver’s Beaver Cage Camp offers a place for people who are curious about delving a little deeper into their own sexual exploration and have no idea where to begin. June Cleaver’s Beaver Cage Camp gives anyone who is interested somewhere to start out in a friendly place that’s free of judgement and overflowing with encouragement and comfort. The highlight of June Cleaver’s Beaver Cage Camp will be the main centerpiece, June Cleaver’s Beaver Cage, a cage with multiple restraint points for play and exploration. Sanded, primed, and painted, The Beaver Cage stands waiting for the expression of sexuality and self to flow through it’s chains and restraints and onto it’s beams themselves. The Beaver Cage is constructed using everyday items as DIY kink. The Do Me Decimal System Library allows for trying out all sorts of goodies with a quick rundown on ways to explore them. A large stand with a yoga swing and hand straps for those feeling adventurous, with a safety mat included, so you can be a little less scared about testing your limits. Stations for fire play, impact play and electric play are all available for people to explore themselves and others. On the final day, we will offer our LNT wax station with the collected wax used for June Cleaver’s Beaver Goodbye Candle Making. Past it all is the place for those most daring. The Fill Your Soul Hole that contains the Hole in Your Soul Goal Box. Where anyone can make a promise to themselves and claim it in one year’s time to celebrate their accomplishments or to review and reset on their goals. At which time they can add themselves and anything they want about their journey to their page of the June Cleaver’s Beaver’s Best Self Book that will be crafted in the year waiting for the accomplishments of self to fill it’s pages. Anything goes, your wildest and most crazy goals or the smallest and most difficult ones. Something you’ve been waiting for the sign to give yourself the permission to begin or that you needed the accountability to begin. Handing out breakfast pastries in the morning(ish), cookies in the evening, and jello shots at midnight, June Cleaver’s Beaver Cage Camp is the place to come where you can, indeed, get some satisfaction.


Community Involvement

I have fibromyalgia and an autoimmune disorder. I have PTSD from sexual abuse in my past as well as just general depression and anxiety. I have found a lot of comfort and feeling of gaining control in exploring my sexuality through the years, as well as from helping people explore the kink world themselves. I feel like there’s an opportunity to introduce others to this outlet who may not know how to enter it or be nervous about how to do so safely who may find comfort here as well. Fetish and kink aren’t for everyone, and we support anyone who is interested or not. June Cleaver’s Beaver Cage Camp is here for everyone, but we have a special place in our hearts for those who would be too scared to try it or not know where to start. Beyond the exploration of sexual self, the Fill Your Soul Hole is the challenge of personal self. This whole camp is part of a series of goals I set for myself and I want to share this goal and the experience with the people making it possible. I think there is a lot of negativity around sexuality, and plenty of people are still seeking out some light in the dark. I think it gives an opportunity for people to connect with the camp each year and to grow as the camp does. I think it will help increase safety and decrease anxiety and encourage people to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.


Requested Minimum:  $1034.95

Requested Maximum: $2377.29

Budget: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KE4GOeziWv_iCpel8Xyg3jJq955IZiP6c4_LvoUOp-U/edit#gid=0


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