LED Dome

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Project Name: LED Dome

Artist Name: Scarlet

Description of Project

We want to build an illuminated, cozy geodesic dome to accommodate the late night wanderers in search of somewhere quiet and warm to gather. The dome structure will be made of PVC piping lined with individually addressable LEDs, which could be sound reactive, display patterns, or just gently change color. To complete the ambience, we plan to play soft, ambient music inside the dome and cover it with a tarp, insulating against the skies (looking at you, Alchemuddy). The floor will be made of three layers: pallets to separate it from the ground, rubber flooring to soften and seal it, and fluffy stuffed animals - or "floof" - to sit on and around.

Our LED engineer has over a year's experience working with LED lights.

Our dome engineer has constructed multiple flow props using PVC and LED strips, but has not yet taken on a project of this size. He will be assisted by a team of four to six to construct the dome.

We intend to power the LEDs with a battery and converter system, but failing that we'll be using a generator.

Community Involvement

The completed project, if on display at Alchemy, will provide an interactive oasis. It will be calm & quiet, in an effort to complement the lively, enthusiastic spirit of the burn after dark. Most importantly, it will provide a place to hang out that is conducive to conversation due to the ambient, soft volume of music, creating a platform for new friendships to be made and old ones to be enjoyed.

Other: Calm, quiet, and comforting - a little break between sound camps and after dark adventures!

Requested Minimum:  $570.35

Requested Maximum: $570.35

Budget: https://goo.gl/QGeVNi

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