The Lesser Key of Solomon

Project Name: The Lesser Key of Solomon

Artist Name: Tessa Claire

Description of Project

"Three primeval beings lurk beyond the veil on this land. Desperate to escape to our level of reality, one attempts to break through that veil. Something goes wrong, however, and this being is fragmented into an unknown many pieces, each taking root in a human soul. Each of these humans begin noticing strange and even horrible things- piles of bones casually laying about, strange symbols and mysterious alters. Above all else,they notice this compulsion in them to seek out... something. They begin their journey now, out onto the land to find out what it is they do not know.
The Lesser Key of Solomon is horror puzzle game done in the style of old RPG text adventure game. Participants will move from NPCs and checkpoints trough out the burn, solving puzzles and riddles to progress the story. NPCs will be costumed burners who are intimate with the story and will be able to have customizable interaction with participants based on where the player is at in the game and the decisions they make. When NPCs are unavailable, checkpoints will exist through out the burn where the "cut-scene" can be described, and the player will be able to choose from a list of pre-written options in the style of a choose your own adventure.
At the completion of the game (or when the player quits, if they choose), participants will receive etched schwag of ethically obtained bones.
There will also be elements through out the Burn to create immersion. Friendly camps will host some small piles of bones and symbols correlating to each of the three characters will be placed around the burn.
The Lesser Key of Solomon is being written and planned by a seasoned group of story tellers and world builders. We want to Currently, the final draft of the story is being finished, with plans to being scripting the game and interactions shortly"

Community Involvement

Similar to Hero’s Landing and other quest-based theme camps, we will solicit other theme camps to participate in the game, firstly by convincing them to play it. For camps who are especially interested in the idea, we will provide Lesser Key of Solomon-themed camp decor to help them signify that their camp is a place to engage with the game. Especially interested burners may even be able to play a role, as in literally role play, by improvising characters that fit in the darkly tinted world of the game. Lastly, some parts of the game will require players to search and ask for clues, which encourages players to meet new people and wander to new parts of the burn.


Final Funding: $869.50


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