Letters from Home


Project Name: Letters from Home

Artist Name: Brian Calhoun

Description of Project

Postcards you can mail from the Burn (home). We will print print postcards, and bring other postcards and let people fill them out. They can be to friends or family, or even to yourself. They will be mailed as soon as the event is over. Lucas Sims is also adding to this project with Cross Pollination. His project lets even more artist contribute to art on the cards and lets them gift their cards (and art) to others. ;-)

I feel like i should explain how mail works, just because no one uses it anymore, but trust me, your Mom will love it.


Community Involvement

This is a project for the community, this should be pretty self explanatory.

It is also part of the Cross Pollination Project, Cards for Letters From Home, by Lucas Sims, which lets more artist contribute to the art and the cards. <3

Requested Minimum:  $279.48

Requested Maximum: $518.72

Budget: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-tyD_50tCskS3cF4wf2OP2wqZIB4XSy0...





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