Livin La Pita Loca

Project Name: Livin La Pita Loca

Artist Name: Chas Nabi

Description of Project

This art project will be part of collaboration with others who find their peace standing over a stove. Following the success of the Asian Food Cart at Alchemuddy, I am planning to unleash this food in the prep and serving space that will be shared with The Tentacles Brothers and other culinary artists. This project will take course over one evening and night. I have worked to develop an innovative fusion cuisine based on the recipes for Middle Eastern food my grandmother taught me. With access to my rotisserie and my passion for cooking guiding me, I plan to make your taste buds sploosh. We will be serving a Jerk Chicken Shawarma topped in a fried plantain tzatziki, falafel, and a Galbi Beef shawarma topped with kimchi and pickled turnip relish.

Community Involvement

This project is a collaboration between culinary artists who have been successful at past burns and new culinary artists who would like to share their passion and love of food with their fellow burners. By feeding the community, we create a space of sanctuary and peace as participants have a chance to indulge in a tremendous sensory experience among friends, old, new and potential. Additionally, communal spaces for eating and cooking were the very first social meeting places in the dawn of humanity, as members of paleolithic communities gathered around a fire, and, eased by the light and warmth of the fire and the food in their bellies they allowed themselves to learn to trust each other. Sharing a meal builds community.

Other: I love cooking and I love this community. Few things would make me happier than to have a chance to combine these two loves.


Final Funding: $583.42


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