Mausoleum Of Sophia

Project Name: Mausoleum Of Sophia

Artist Name: Nameless

Description of Project

We would like to construct a large mausoleum, similar to the large structures you see at burning man. This particular structure will house four parts, plus a main atrium. Two will be interactive art, one an intricate entrance, the last a soundproof room. The soundproof room will havea  starlit sky and sounds of space. It will hopefully bring the participant to a place not commonly found at festivals, hence they would be removed from all outside sounds and fully immersed. The rest of the mausoleum will host tributes to the gnostic goddess Sophia (our own interpretation). This will not only be aesthetically attractive from the outside, but even more so inside with things to touch and interact with and worship.

Community Involvement

It will encourage people to interact with the structure, have deep esoteric symbolism to encourage the mind and conversation, have a silent chamber for the individual experience and inspire more art of its nature.


Final Funding: $1,540.10


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