The Music Post

Project Name: The Music Post

Artist Name: Corey Anne

Description of Project

"Lights! Action! Music! My vision for the Music Post is to have a modular-ish area of homemade instruments for the creative and fun loving types in all of us. This is an area of art and music to be interacted with by all ages. The structure of this will be put together with PVC pipes, making parts of it changeable by participants. The instruments are made of recycled items like pots and pans, bicycle wheels, fabric cardboard tubes, etc.
My vision started aimed at encouraging art and music in our burner youth family, then started expanding on this to be inclusive of all ages. "

Community Involvement

"Hello Community! Come play with the Music Post! This idea has so many options for lights, instruments and form. It can change and grow limited only by imagination. You are welcome to attend work days (will post), add suggestions, or make an instrument to add. At the burn, everyone is welcome to get their hands on the Music Post. Let us hear what you have!
After the burn this will be saved and will continue to evolve. "


Final Funding: $288.41


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