Alchemy 2013 Event Lead Team Announcement

Congratulations to Alchemy’s 2013 Event Lead Team:  

Shawman Warpcore, Cory Glenn, Jessica Seales and Anna Stroup.  

So yes, that means we’re having an Alchemy.  One more time:  We are having an Alchemy!!  

Thanks so much to them and to everyone who applied.   We received 27 total applications for ELT and Assistants.  It’s wonderful to see the community stepping up to claim their experience!  

We also decided a cap for this year’s event, based on the Board’s recommendations and the preferences of your new ELT.  Alchemy 2013’s cap will be 2,401.  Yes, that dialing it way back from last year’s 3,499.  We all believe need to take a step back for a year, slow down and really look at where we are now and what we want our community and our events to look like in the future.  We look forward to taking that journey with all of you.  

Look for exciting news on ticket sales, team lead call outs and many other things from your new ELT soon! Got ideas?  Question?  Email them at


If you have any questions or comments for us, please email  We want to hear from you!

Alchemy LLC, Board of Directors