Alchemy 2016 Special Announcement

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must announce that there will be no structure burns of any kind at Alchemy 2016. This includes the effigy, the temple, art burns, and the CORE project.

While we have worked diligently with local government from the beginning to ensure that we could burn these structures and had received prior approval, it has now been revoked for reasons beyond our control.

Due to current drought and weather conditions it is now too dangerous to proceed with structure burns. It would pose too great a risk and be too heavy a burden on the county's resources should anything go wrong.  A fire advisory was issued for the southeast yesterday:

Flame effects that have been approved by our Fire Safety team, fire pits, fire spinning, grills, burn barrels and propane heaters are all still allowed at the event. Only structure fires are what have been restricted.

The effigy and temple will still be constructed on site as planned. Artists with burnable art are still allowed to bring their projects to the burn, but they can no longer be burned at Alchemy.

Never fear, though! We still have a plan for a spectacular show to kick off Saturday night. While it's not what we'd originally planned, know that it will certainly live up to Alchemy standards.

Believe us when we say that we are all deeply saddened and disappointed by this decision. But while the effigy burn is certainly a cornerstone of burn events, it's not what defines our events nor our community. YOU are what makes Alchemy what it is. You, your contributions, and your unwavering dedication to the burn and the community. You, who have stuck with it for 10 years, and YOU, who will still be here 10 years later and beyond. THAT is what makes Alchemy the unstoppable force that it is. 

Stay Informed!

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