Alchemy and Euphoria Land Search Committee

As you may already know, Alchemy 2016 will not take place at Lavender Farms and we are continuing to look for more permanant venues for both Alchemy and Euphoria

In addition to asking you to send us suggestions for candidates for our new home, we need volunteers to vet these submissions and then provide a recommendation to the board as to which place is best suited to be Alchemy and Euphoria’s forever home.  

Helping choose our most critical piece of infrastructure is a huge task and we need people with all types of skills to help make the right decision. Below are some of the skill sets we need. 

You don’t have to possess all of them to apply. If you are interested in applying to be a member of the FAI’s Land Search Committee, please apply here.

  • Topographical skills
  • Ability to visualize and estimate land size and areas
  • Looking into the surrounding community/county for the political environment and city/county ordinances 
  • Understanding of how our sound affects the immediately surrounding areas and research distance of closest neighbors etc..
  • Land parcel research
  • Actually visiting the potential land
  • Writing about your experiences after each visit
  • Photography during visit
  • Preliminary contact with landowners before visitation
  • Understanding of traffic flow possibilities both on the land and getting to the venue
  • Knowledge of city planning
  • Understanding of real estate law
  • Confirming preliminary land criteria are met before proceeding with land visit
  • Maintaining notes on all potential properties
  • MLS access

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