Announcing Flashpoint Artists Initiative (the new Org)

It is with some degree of exhaustion that we are finally ready to announce the creation of Flashpoint Artists Initiative (FAI), the community run non-profit that will be operating the events Alchemy and Euphoria and will be working to support the growth of other art in Georgia and as far as our community wants to reach.

While the organization came into administrative operation a little bit ago we just recently completed final formation after working with legal teams to strive to create an entity that matched the community desire for a responsive umbrella that would continue to bring about the two major burns that we were already used to seeing, but also would go further into helping with other community driven opportunities as well.  By establishing a strong framework we hope to have something that will last for years as it encourages art to happen locally and regionally.

FAI will be accepting candidates for election to the Board in the next couple of weeks to fill out seats for two years terms.  If you are interested in serving, watching for that upcoming announcement.

At this time we are also ready to announce that the ELT for Euphoria was selected by the FAI board (Jessica Seales, Tareq Fayyad, and Lucas Sims) and they are already hard at work getting things rolling.  We hope to see further announcements from them soon, as I know everyone is really waiting to hear!

We want to thank you, the community, for your support and patience while we worked to get this done successfully with all the propriety required of the legal entanglements of a non-profit operating in Georgia.  Going forward, we hope to stand mostly out of the way, acting only as a means to support you, the agents of change and expression, in your journey of growth and enlightenment both inward and outward.  Together we stand at the beginning of something wonderful, and we are ready to see it erupt into creation, at the Flashpoint.

David Stabler, President