Changes in the Org


The Alchemy Board of Directors would like to extend our thanks to the following for their services to the organization.  Sage Hylton, formerly of the Art Fundraiser ELT, Jill Mongato, formerly of the Euphoria ELT, and Age Ginsburg, formerly of the BOD, have all been great assets to the organization and their presence will be missed.

The Euphoria ELT now consists of Tareq Fayyad, Katie Work, and Jessica Smernoff.  We thank these folks and ask the community to continue to support them by volunteering for the event.

Robert Lucas has arranged an amazing day filled with a Town Hall and Community Gathering to follow and we thank him for his efforts.

The BOD will meet to discuss a Special Election to fill the seat vacated by Age.  This seat will expire in December of 2014.

Thanks again to each of these individuals.  Should anyone have any questions, please feel free to contact