Project Name: Orb

Artist Name: Corey Anne

Description of Project


In addition to just sitting in a ball pit, Orb provides….

~Initiating conversations with strangers if they choose to pick up a Question-A-


~Question-A-Balls are larger than the pit balls and have conversation starting questions on them.

~Available for all ages.

~Clear plastic pit balls will appear to take on the color of the lights integrated in the pit. The lights will change color.

I want to do this project to encourage playfulness and interaction with others. I want to take this on by setting up a sturdy frame, laying a cushioned mats down, then attaching a tarp and liner to make the pit. Lights will be put around. The pit will be filled with clear play balls to become illuminated.


Community Involvement

I have already reached out to people in planning this project and I will continue to involve others as it progresses. Some of the options beyond this burn for this project include:

~Bringing this art project to other events outside of the burn.

~Donating the balls used to artists to create their own works

~Working with artists to evolve this project and bring it back to the next burn.


Requested Minimum:  $1434.37

Requested Maximum: $1719.23

Budget: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZyW-UJn2mN_Fn0CNmdWXIUNaxJnWffjY...


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