The Pickle Run

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Project Name: The Pickle Run

Artist Name: Casey Davis

Description of Project

After having several amazing "picklebacks" of different varities, I wanted to try pickling other things and bring it to the masses! I plan on having 5-8 different types of piclkles, depending on funding. Currently I have made Spicy Pineapple, Spiced Apple, Blueberry, Sweet Pickle and Spicy Pickle. I hope with enough funding to make several other more unusual flavors as well. Of course, it's one thing to make the pickled items, and another to get it to the Alchemy folks. For my minimum budget I would like to build a mobile bar from which to serve straight liqour shots (provided by me), with a pickleback of the chosen variety. If I get my maximum budget I'd like to not only have the mobile bar, but also find 3-5 theme camps to "host" the pickles. Each theme camp would have a different pickleback to chase the liquor provided by the camp. I would like to host a Pickle Crawl Saturday Night (Possibly other nights as well) so people can visit each theme camp and try the pickleback from that camp. No matter which budget I get, I (plus possible theme camps) will have stamp cards. After a person on their own or via the pub crawl tries all the different pickleback shots, they will receive a custom piece of swag, probably a shot glass.

Community Involvement

The pickle bar will be available to all! Shots for those old enough, or just a plain pickle for younger ones who want to try. Everyone will be ID'd each time before given a shot. Hopefully with theme camp participation, it will bring a new element to the camp, and drive more traffic to smaller camps that participate. And the Pickle Run will be an awesome gathering for pickle lovers!

Requested Minimum:  $442.51

Requested Maximum: $442.51


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