Pizza Palace


Project Name: Pizza Palace

Artist Name: Slice

Description of Project

On a diet? We have the best salad on the face of the planet. First we take a crust and add some sauce and top it with cheese and your choice of mushrooms, onions, pineapple, ham, sausage or pepperoni. We promise it will be the best salad and be custom made just for you. Okay so it is not salad…it is pizza but you will love our pizza. While 96% of American’s eat pizza regularly, we feel the percentage for burners is higher. Therefore our artisan pizzas are custom made with the hippie’s choice of toppings right in front of their eyes, making Pizza Palace one of the favorite stops at Alchemy!


Community Involvement

To feed hungry hippies and give them fuel to keep on going through the burn


Requested Minimum:  $599.41

Requested Maximum: $718.21



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