Radical Self-Prepared Piano


Project Name: Radical Self-Prepared Piano

Artist Name: Stefanie Hays

Description of Project

I want to create a prepared piano - a piano converted into a unique percussion instrument through addition of common household objects into the strings to modify the sound generated by each piano key - through communal effort, e.g. participants adding household and improvised objects to the strings of the piano, creating unique sounds for every key of the piano. (See additional information on prepared pianos here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prepared_piano) The communal nature of the preparation ensures that this is a unique and ephemeral instrument, both original and constantly changing, as typical pianos cannot. The piano will be available for free play, modification, musical improvisation, and exploration by the community as well as scheduled performances and scheduled education sessions by musicians familiar with the mechanics of the prepared piano or who have gained familiarity with the instrument through the course of the weekend. While a prepared piano is theoretically reversible, in practice the application of screws, nails, and other materials to the soundboard will often give the piano too unique a sound for a performance of most of the classical oeuvre. With this in mind, the prepared piano will be set on fire near the end of the burn, as this impermanent and communal instrument can only last in its state of flux during the course of a burn.


Community Involvement

The piano will be prepared and played by the entire community. All participants will be able to ensure that this is a unique and constantly changing prepared piano.

Requested Minimum:  $39.38

Requested Maximum: $506.88

Budget: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRamZCk4OPtGPKFwVIKPQqBE...


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