Roving Reverence Rainbow


Project Name: Roving Reverence Rainbow

Artist Name: Chairs

Description of Project

In the four years since I was first introduced to the Georgia Burn community, the greatest gift I have received has been love. I have always been humbled and astounded by the amount of unconditional love and support that pours from every participant. For me, it has been periodically demonstrated through the principles of Communal Effort, Radical Inclusion, Civic Responsibility, and Gifting; however, each principle can be interpreted as such depending on your love languages. It can be so difficult to describe the sense of family and respect I feel when I go home to Alchemy, but at Alchemy 2017 I had an experience that inspired me to spread the visual interpretation of this love. I had the privilege of camping on the tallest hill in Spirit Village and got to watch the city grow and develop over the course of the weekend. My absolute favorite part was using heart diffraction glasses at night, so it looked as though I was watching love dance around and bubble up from the community below me.

Which brings me to my mutant vehicle: the Roving Reverence Rainbow. It will be a small vehicle (creating an intimate setting to initiate conversation between driver and passenger), appearing like a rainbow on a cloud. During the day it will bop around town, spreading positive energy, aggressive words of affirmation, education on the principles, and good jams. At night, the brightly lit rainbow will pick up participants, gift them with a pair of heart diffraction glasses, and take them on a love tour of the city. It will create a space for sharing stories and sparking conversation about how we have seen love demonstrated, as well as sending them back into the community with a physical way to change their perception if they forget how much they are loved. I will be collecting stories over the first few days that I will be sharing (with consent) on burn night while we wait for the Effigy to be lit.

I also feel that there is a deep need for education as our community grows, and that our art needs to reflect that social need. I would encourage passengers to dig deep into the principles they love, as well as their least favorites, to help them as well as myself to develop their contributions to our community and their expectations of others.


Community Involvement

I will be engaging with my community in order to make connections with people that can help me learn some of the skills I need to make my art car, as well as the gifts it will be handing out. We are such a varied group of skilled individuals, so I was inspired to create a Facebook group where we could pool our knowledge and encourage other makers to continue perfecting their projects.

The Roving Reverence Rainbow will be spreading education and inviting open conversation about the principles at all times. Education is imperative to the growth of our community, and by creating a safe place to be vulnerable, am hoping to facilitate constructive conversations about our great opportunities in representing all principles with equal vigor.

I also feel that it is incredibly necessary to remind ourselves of the love we encounter every day. In default world, and even at home with our burn family, sometimes it can be easy to let ourselves get swallowed up in loss. Unconditional love is what I have always received from our community, and I want to make sure that I am sending that back as much as I can.

This vehicle is also meant to be a beta test in order to make a larger vehicle in the future. I would love to create a space for 4-8 people to ride and talk at a time, and would be looking to use a larger base vehicle on my next project.



Requested Minimum:  $815.70

Requested Maximum: $1062.80



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